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AD24ESUK - Brother AD24 Mains Adaptor

AD24ESUK - Brother AD24 Mains Adaptor

£12.99 ex vat£15.59 inc vat

Questions (20)
Reviews (29)

Using your printer a lot? Save time and money on expensive batteries with this Brother AD24 Manis Adaptor.

  • One AD24 mains adaptor
  • Compatible with the following models:
  • PT-1000
  • PT-1010
  • PT-1090
  • PT-H105
  • PT-H105VP
  • PT-H75
  • PT-H75S
  • PT-1005F
  • PT-E100
  • PT-100
  • GL-100
  • GL-200
  • GL-200VP
  • PT-1230
  • PT-1250
  • PT-1280DT
  • PT-2100VP
  • PT-90
  • PT-M95
  • PT-2730VP
  • PT-1850
5 Average Rating 5/5 (29 Reviews)
5 stars Mains adaptor for PT-1000 Written by

Brilliant works well, no more buying batteries for me.

5 stars Mains Adapter Written by

Made the P Touch 80 useable again instead of what seemed like a word per set of batteries.

5 stars Brother adapter Written by

Bought to replace the adaptor supplied with my Brother P-Touch label printer. It works perfectly and I can resume non stop labelling without the battery expense.

5 stars Brother Mains Adapter. AD24ESUK Written by

Brilliant. Works a treat. Better than buying batteries, A must for label printer.

5 stars Brother PT-1000 Adapter Written by

Much better than using batteries by the lorry load, a must purchase

5 stars No more trips to poundland Written by

When I bought the printer I thought that by buying aaa batteries from poundland it would do for the small amount of garden label printing I intended to do. What you don't realise is that once you find how easy it is to print labels and how useful they are you go label printing mad. Hence I bought the adapter.

5 stars Brother label printer mains adapter Written by

Adapter works fine. I was a little miffed to have to pay more for the adapter than I did for the printer, but I should have paid more attention to the ad I suppose, which did say "works with 6 AAA batteries" if one read it carefully.

5 stars No need for Batteries now Written by

I bought this adapter for my brother P-Touch label printer and am delighted with it's performance. No more worrying that the batteries will run out half way through a job. I would recommend it to anyone.

5 stars Brother AD24 Adaptor Written by

Excellent telephone knowledge and prompt delivery. Item as described. I would recommend to others.

5 stars Great service! Great little product Written by

I bought the hand held printer and when it arrived it was battery operated (batteries were included!) However I decided to add a mains adaptor and found the right product easily, it was despatch and delivered quickly and does what it needs to do.

5 stars Mains adapter for Ptouch labeller Written by

This is a power adapter for the Ptouch labeller series. You can remove the batteries while using this. Apart from that it works just fine.

5 stars Great battery saving item Written by

Have got the PT-1000 and up until recently, ran it on batteries. Purchased the Brother AD24 Adaptor as the printer is only used intermittently and usually when we came to use it, the batteries would be dead! Point to note, each time the printer is switched on, you have to re-enter a couple of bits of information eg: language working in.

5 stars Adapter for brother garden label machine Written by

Bought with the brother garden label machine. Nice not to have to rely on batteries especially when using the printer frequently.

5 stars Genuine is best! Written by

I bought a cheaper adaptor first, which had to be used with a polarity changer. It took 3 replacements before it worked properly. This Brother one is the correct polarity,works great, and being branded, it will be good quality. Sometimes it's better just to spend a few quid extra and get the proper item.

5 stars Very convenient Written by

Arrived very swiftly after ordering. Good to know I'm not going to have to replace all those batteries at regular intervals & great cost now!

5 stars You may not need this Written by

The adaptor is perfectly good at its job. I got it to avoid having to have batteries. Unfortunately, I learnt too late that the printer (GL-200) needs batteries to remember certain things from one use to the next. Not a show stopper necessarily but I am using batteries as well now.

5 stars Adaptor. Written by
I purchased the Adaptor as part of a package of Printer Tapes and Adaptor. I bought it as I use the printer regularly and would be forever buying batteries.
5 stars adaptor Written by
I bought the adaptor as part of a complete package and am very pleased with it as it saves me buying a constant supply of batteries.
5 stars Solid and practical Written by
This is a well made power supply and will save c ash spent on batteries!
5 stars Saving Written by

The adaptor will produce a saving on batteries and enable the product to be instantly available

5 stars Saving Written by
The adaptor will enable us to save on batteries and to have peace of mind that the product will be ready for use at all times,
5 stars Works fine & was delivered promptly. Written by
Works fine & was delivered promptly.
5 stars brother mains adapter Written by
a very good product , much better price than from the seed companies the tapes are exactly the same but cheaper as well.
5 stars Perfect Iten Written by
The mains adaptor arrived within the specified time. Works well, thus saving batteries. I shall be using labelzone for all my future accessories.
5 stars Save on batteries Written by

Save batteries by using the Brother AS24 mains adaptor. It works well on the BrotherPT1000 label printer and has a long enough cable to make it flexible for use at work and at home.

5 stars Excellent Service Written by

The mains adaptor arrived the next day although we had requested the 'cheap slow delivery'! I am very impressed with your customer care. When we need any more extras we will be coming back.

LabelZone Comment: Glad your adaptor arrived promtly, we aim to deliver as quickly as possible - even on the free service.

5 stars Exactly the right item Written by
The adaptor is exactly right for my labeller - "does what it says on the tin"
3 stars Just what it says at daft price Written by

I use this adapter to power a 1230PC printer so am always with a PC. The adapter should really come with the printer but doesn't so Brother can charge you a ridiculous price for it, not labelzones fault. (Fault of my employer for wanting the genuine adapter!).

1 stars Not what I expected. Written by
I purchased the mains adapter with the intention of charging my NiMH batteries in situ, however this is not possible and means that it's only use is to power the machine whilst near a socket. This makes the cost very expensive in my opinion. Service from Labelzone however was spot on as usual and would get 5 stars.

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Is this OK for P-Touch E100? It's not listed in your link but the instructions say AD-24ES. Best regards, Roy Radford.

Thank you for your question. Yes this AD-24ES is suitable for the PT-E100

The power supply that I need to replace which came with my PT-1850 was 9.5v but yours is 9v so is it compatible with my printer?

Yes this adaptor would be suitable for your Brother P-Touch 1850 printer.

Can AD24 work for a PT-200?

The AD24 Adaptor works with a number of printers, a list of compatible printers can be viewed clicking on this link.

Will this adaptor work with the P-Touch 1250?

The P-Touch 1250 uses the AD24 regards

Is this the right adapter for the brother P-touch 85?

The AD24 adaptor will fit the P-Touch 85

Is this adaptor compatible with PTouch-1850? Thanks

The AD24 is the correct AC Adaptor for the Brother P-Touch 1850 printer

Will this mains adapter work with the P-Touch 2430PC?

Yes the AD24 Mains Adaptor will work with the PT-2430

Is this suitable to replace AD-18U for P-Touch 2730?

The P-touch 2730 printer uses the AD24 adaptor

Will this charge the batteries in the printer?

The AC Adaptor will power the printer and not charge the batteries.

Will this adapter work with a PT-1080 the instructions with this label printer say I need a Brother AD24ES mains adapter is this it?

Yes this adaptor will fit the P-Touch 1080

Is this adaptor compatable with the PT-90

Yes the AD-24 AC-adaptor will fit the Brother P-Touch 90

can i have specification of AD24 mains Adaptor

This PSU is input voltage AC 240V, 50/60Hz, output voltage 9V.

Does this come with a compatible UK type 3 pin plug fitted.

The Brother AD24 mains adaptor comes with a UK plug

Is this the correct PSU for the discontinued PT-18r? Thanks

No the AD24 is not suitable for the PT-18R.  The PT-18R uses the Type H power supply which is available here on this link

Is this adaptor suitable for use with the GL-100 labeller?

Yes, the AD-24 is suitable for the Brother GL-100.

Hi Could you please tell me if this is suitable for P-Touch 2450DX. Many thanks

Yes, the AD24 power supply is suitable for the P-Touch 2450DX

Is the AD24 mains adapter compatable with the brother p-touch 2700?

Yes, the AD24 mains adapter is suitable for the PT-2700.

Is this the correct adaptor for a PT-1000?

Yes this adaptor does work with the PT-1000

Is this adaptor suitable for a P-Touch 65 which uses a 7volt?

Yes the AD24UK adaptor has replaced the Type G adaptor, therefore is suitable for your P-Touch 65 printer

Will this adaptor work with the P-touch 1005F. The instructions say it requires an AD 24 adaptor which this appears to be. Thank you. Please also quote price and postage.

Yes, this is the correct power supply. Price is as shown (plus VAT). UK standard postage is free.

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