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Brother PT-7600 Handheld Label Printer

Brother PT-7600 Handheld Label Printer

  • Uses label sizes: 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24mm
Windows Compatible Windows Compatible

Product Video
Questions (8)
Reviews (23)
  • Carrying Case
  • User's Guide
  • Rechargable Batteries Pack (BA-7000)
  • AC Adapter (AD-18)
  • TZ-S651 & TZ-FX231 tapes
  • Adjustable Neck Strap
  • CD-ROM
  • USB Cable
  • Prints labels up to 24mm wide (TZ)
  • ABC style keyboard
  • 16 character 2 line backlit LCD screen
  • USB data transfer function
  • 1 font style, 8 print sizes,15 border/frame styles
  • Manual label cutter

This item has now been discontinued and has been replaced by the PT-E550WVP

The Brother PT-7600 is designed for the toughest conditions, and perfect for on-site electrical contractors & plumbers. The P-Touch 7600 includes a Ni-Cad battery pack and boasts USB connectivity, making it one of the most versatile in the P-Touch range. Using the intelligent software provided, you can store a company logo or other images in its memory, and also create your own label templates, ideal for repeat labelling tasks.

See our blog post comparing the PT-7600 and its new replacement, the PT-E550WVP.

5 Average Rating 5/5 (23 Reviews)
5 stars Brother PT-7600 Handheld Label Printer Written by

I find this to be a Quality Robust Label Printer,I've used a previous model before & that performed reliably.Easy print tape change, pleasantly supprised when found out the NiCad rechargeable battery pack was infact NIMH.

5 stars Perfect product for quick labels Written by

This is our 5th. Brother label printer, and by far the best, with rechargeable batteries and a great selection of symbols and templates available. We are electrical contractors, and it is great for quickly labelling items on the fly. All our Brother printers are still going strong even after 7 years of use.

5 stars Excellent PT-7600VP Written by

Best handheld I've had or used, packed with everything you could possibility need, good battery life from charge, easy changeable tapes, clear and easy to use. Tapes could be a tad cheaper but quality is more important. would advise anyone to purchase this.

5 stars Good service Written by

Good service and delivery

3 stars Seems ok but the software's rubbish. Written by

As my first label printer I have nothing to compare this to but it seems to do what it says on the tin with some very good features. Quite complicated instructions to get started and annoying that you have to waste half the roll of tape 'feeding' the labels. The PC software is far more complicated than it needs to be and what is printed often doesn't match what is shown on the screen (in terms of font size etc). If you add a border it completely destroys the formatting and there's no way to remove it so you have to start again. Great idea but it just seems like really clumsy software.

5 stars broken Brother PT Written by

Excellect printer, ideal for on site use, different text styles and formats make labels look proffesional.

5 stars Excellent Portable Printer Written by

Bought this printer to replace our old broken Brother PT and is an excellent product for site use. Also with the £25 cash back offer this brought the price down in line with our old style printer, great value.

5 stars Great Portable Printer Written by

Extremely easy to set up, straight out of the box. However it took a few days of practice to understand the more advanced features of the many characters, spacing options and borders. Excellent value for money, very professional labels. Great portable machine in a tough case for use out on site etc.

5 stars PT 7600 excellent product Written by

Excellect printer, ideal for on site use, different text styles and formats make labels look proffesional.

5 stars BROTHER PT-7600 Written by

Absolutely fantastic product.It helped to produce various labels with a minimal set up . there are plenty of customizing options which allows to create unique labels for any job. Batteries last very long and charging time is really short.In all its a great product which I'd recommend to anyone.

5 stars Very Complicated Written by

The printer seems to be well made. I have read and re- read the instructions and I am yet (after 2 weeks ) abale to get it to print a simple label with my name on it without leaving inches of wasted tape both before and after printing. All I want was what my casio printer would do:- Chooses font (1 button) type and it automatically controlled the length and then push print and it would. Is there some simple way I can get this machine to do this. I am struggling to get the length to adjust.

5 stars Great tool great company Written by
What more do I have to say we now own 7 of these great label printers, rough, tough and reliable machines wouldn't recommend any other, And thanks label zone top service as always, ordered 2 units at 3pm delivered next morning by 9:30
5 stars Great for renewable installers Written by

AS MCS approved installers we required a unit that could label all parts of a system be it air or ground source system or PV ,we have used it not only for electrics but pipework indication and customer control information ,the PT 7600 is the most vesatile unit we have used, well worth the money.

4 stars Great Printer ! Written by

The PT-7600VP is a hand-held label printer intended for industrial and commercial use and consequently is described as suitable for on-site work, though even with its protective rubber grips I doubt its suitability for a really heavy industrial environment or construction site.

However, it does come with a compact, rugged case and adjustable belt strap to keep handy, and has a back-lit display to assist in gloomy locations, the whole entity being optionally powered by six AA cells, a rechargeable battery pack or mains adaptor (supplied).

Such is the manufacturer’s confidence in this printer that it comes with a three-year warranty. The PT-7600 has a USB socket which, with the printer in transfer mode, can be used to download and upload labels, data files and graphic symbols, but you cannot print directly from the PC.

The printer can produce basic serial numbers, accented characters, barcodes (Code 39, I-2/5, EAN13, EAN8, UPC-8, UPC-E, Codabar, EAN128, Code128) and fifteen border styles. A number of print modes are available including ‘Port Mode’ for labelling strip connectors and ‘Panel Mode’ for labelling control panels etc., the latter allowing different length legends to be printed on same-size labels for visual tidiness. Cable ID is of course possible, with both flag and wrap labels accommodated. For the uninitiated, Brother printers use the popular TZ range of tapes (6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm and 24mm) which, as time-served users will know, are tough little critters that stick fast and resist ultraviolet light, chemicals, abrasion and rain, withstanding temperatures ranging from -80 deg C to +150 deg C. Compact design also makes them convenient to store and transport. The PT-7600 is supplied with two sample tapes; 24mm black-on-yellow strong adhesive and 12mm black-on-white flexi-ID cable-wrap type, both 8 meters long.

Looking beyond the dry facts, what is the printer like to handle and use? Certainly it’s not curvy, being a bit like a shipyard spanner to hold, but in relative terms it is light and well balanced (600g) with a commodious ‘ABC’ type keyboard. It seems a shame that to change either the battery or the tape cartridge you have to remove the entire back cover, which is fragile and must be handled carefully, for this feature is at variance with the printer being designed for industrial use. I can just see the cover toppling somewhere out of reach when set aside to change a tape. Mounting it on hinges would have been a good idea. But there are some ingenious features such as the single compartment for holding either AA cells or the rechargeable battery pack, the latter mode using the cell contact springs as catches!

The P-Touch 7600 has an excellent display, usefully big at around 60 x 20mm, which depicts the label’s ultimate appearance while you create it, continually indicating that part of the label for which you are currently entering details. As an example, when I designed a ‘Flag’ label it illustrated the label in its final form wrapped around a cable, first annotating the diameter part of the label then the flat part. At 180 dpi the print quality is just about acceptable. Angular lines are serrated by visible pixels, but the resulting text is perfectly readable down to the minimum of 6pt. The printer incorporates a manual cutter which prompts you (via the display) to use it at the start of certain types of label so that the correct physical length is achieved. This feature, some users complain, wastes tape. There is certainly the risk of these off-cuts falling back inside the printer.

These days technology products can bring with them a daunting learning curve but the potential of this highly versatile printer to bewilder the new user is offset by a well thought out interface and user guide. Just one exception. Learning how to transfer files between the PC and the printer and subsequently finding them is a little confusing at first. Everything works as stated in the handbook but I don’t advise exploring this feature at the end of a long day.

5 stars Good Purchase Written by

Bought this item to compare against the Dymo, outclassed the Dymo in all ways, price per meter, of consumables, battery life better, more variations for printing, lable lengths used are smaller.

5 stars A great tool for many types of labels Written by

The PT7600 is a great tool for many labelling applications. Labels can also be designed on the computer and then transferred to the device.

Due to the many features and label types it can get some getting used to but once you have worked it out it should cover most of your labelling needs. You can even add a picture to the label if needed ( it will only print in the ink colour of the tape).

The only problem I have found so far is that the software that comes with the device is for more advanced machines too. You may find yourself setting up a label only to find it doesn't print how you have designed it.

However with a bit of thought and experimenting you can find ways to get the results you are after.

Rechargable battery is a good feature too. The battery life is very good.

5 stars The Swiss Army Knife of Labelling Written by

Purchased this from Labelzone after trying Dymo Rhino and Brady machines and being deeply unimpressed and what a revelation this is! Easy to use on-screen display shows you what you will get at printout time, tapes reasonably priced and come in most colours and sizes up to 24rmm and best of all it has its own Li-ion battery in situ which can be removed and standard batteries used if desperation strikes and its out of juice - never had to do this yet! Just like a certain watch brand used to boast: It takes a likin and keeps on tickin! Min bit of kit - Buy One Today!!!

5 stars Brother PT-7600 label printer Written by
One of the best label printers I have seen around. It's an excellent little gadget and handy for all sorts of labelling such as shelf edge labelling and labelling sockets and wires. Also the choice of colour of tape makes this item even better.
4 stars Useful bit of kit for professional results Written by

For domestic wiring jobs will cover most of what you need to produce a really professional looking cable and appliance marking that creates a good impression with customers. Clearly identified boxes and cables are essential now and bits of insulation tape with handwritten numbers etc. won't do. There is a full set of most of the symbols built in and can take a bit of getting used to, but the full range of fonts, sizes, label types, direction of lettering etc. covers most eventualities. For really complicated jobs like consumer unit mark up, the PC based editor and USB link means that you can design a long strip on screen without wasting lots of relatively expensive tape to get the right result. There are tapes for every requirement, but it can be expensive building up a good set - use black on transparent or white for discrete identification of sockets etc., and being able to produce your own warning labels is a real boon. Overall quality is good, rechargeable battery lasts all day. Downside acn be slightly fidly menus to get everything set up, but generally easy to get on with and worth having. Almost as essential now as a good meter.

4 stars Great printer for electricians - shame it is fiddly to get used to. Written by

Great printer, if a little fiddly to get used to. The printer is robust and offers great quality labels. The keyboard is slightly frustrating to get the hang of, due to it not being QWERTY. The software is a major pain to get the hang of, but once mastered offers great label options, including the ability to print sectioned breaker identifications for a consumer unit, which look really professional.

5 stars P-TOUCH MOBILE LABELLER Written by


4 stars PT-7600 Written by
Battery life good, case has enough space for spare cartidges. Rugged construction. Saves time labeling panels and modules.
5 stars Ideal for electricians Written by

We purchased the PT-7600 around three months ago and haven't looked back. The ability to print yellow warning labels with electrical icons has saved us time and money along with very good cable identification idents has improved the quality of our work. The robustness of the machine compared to others is obvious and makes it ideal for a building site or factory environment. I cannot recommend it enough!

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How do I minimise wasted tape between labels when printing a sequence of labels?

Depending on which printer you have, you may be able to reduce label wastage when chain printing, please call the sales department on 01202 683212 to discuss.

Does this print via the USB in a similar way to the PT-2430?

You can connect the P-Touch 7600 to a PC via USB, you are able to design your label on your PC using the software provided, then you can download your design to the printer, there are 10 memory locations on the printer  to store your label template.

Does this machine have the ability to print barcodes?

The Brother P-touch 7600 does print barcodes

Does this printer use any ink ? If so how much are new ink cartridges ?

The Brother P-Touch 7600 uses TZ cartridges which are pre constructed of both ribbon and label so there is no need to purchase ink for this printer.

Does the software work on OS X?

The PT-7600 currently only works with MS Windows, there is no Mac support at the moment.

The AC adpater for my 7600 is broken, am I able to purchase a replacement from yourselves? Kind Regards

Yes, we stock the adaptor as a spare part, you can order online, click here to view the product page or you are welcome to call us on 01202 683212.

I need to label equipment that is exposed to all weather conditions. What makes this label better than Dyno tape labels?

TZ tape is laminated so ensures your label is fade resistant, chemical resistant aswell as being waterproof and resistant to temperatures ranging from -80 degrees centigrade to + 150 degrees centigrade.  TZ tapes come in normal or extra strong adhesive, therefore are suitable for most environments, all TZ tape is ideal for indoor / outdoor applications and come in various colours.

What's the difference between the P-Touch 7500 and P-Touch 7600?

The PT-7600 is supplied with a rechargeable battery pack making it more ideal for on-site usage, the PT-7500 however is not. Both models are supplied with AC adapters though.

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