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Brother QL-560 Address Label Printer

Brother QL-560 Address Label Printer

  • Delivery: Free (UK Standard)
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • Software Included: Yes
Mac Compatible Mac Compatible
Windows Compatible Windows Compatible

Questions (19)
Reviews (24)
  • 1 x QL-560 Label Printer
  • Label Design Software & Drivers on CD
  • 1 x Starter Label Roll, 62mm by 8 meters white continuous label
  • USB Cable & AC power cord
  • Includes easy to use label print and design software.
  • Auto Label Cutter
  • 300dpi direct thermal printing
  • Easy to install label rolls
  • Up to 56 labels per minute print speed
  • Automatic label cutter

The Brother QL-560 printer is probably the most popular of the QL range, its easy to use software, compact size and great print quality ensures you get your labels looking right and printed when you need them.

Using a standard USB connection to your PC the QL-560 doesnt use any ink, toner or print ribbon, in fact the only consumable needed to print is the label roll. QL labels use "direct thermal" print technology to print your labels.

The Brother QL560VP prints great quality labels rapidly and effortlessly, whether you require just one or a series of labels.

See our review on the P-Touch Desktop label printers

Download Brochure

QL Label Printer Comparison Chart
Print Speed (mm/sec) 90mm/sec 110mm/sec 110mm/sec
Connectivity USB USB USB / Serial / Internet
Cutter Auto Cutter Auto Cutter Auto Guillotine Cutter
Template Memory N/A N/A 2MB
Supplied with starter rolls DK-11201 DK-11201 & DK-22005 DK-11201 & DK-22005
5 Average Rating 5/5 (24 Reviews)


5 stars Superb Written by

This little printer has to be one of the best IT investments I've ever made. It's simply great and has made life so much easier than fiddling around with my "all in one printer" . I cannot praise and recommend the QL560 highly enough. And all at a very attractive price with very fast delivery.





5 stars Fantastic Written by

Everything I wanted it to do!

5 stars ql-569 printer Written by

great product easy setup and easy to use good value

5 stars nice new feature Written by

i've been using a 550 for a few years now, recommended it as brilliant tool for shipping labels address, and at the time sandwich lavelling. the only drawback i had was with multiple labels on the endless rolls... you couldnt really run off 10 or 20 with out having to hand cut, which to be honest doesnt look that professional does it? the 560 solves tha problem, cuts the label where needed. all that is left for me to do iswork a way to convert the 550 files to 560. in summary why pay £30 on ebay for a secondhand 550 without warranty when for a few quid more you can get the 560 PLUS with labelzone a handheld printer at a giveaway price.

5 stars As good as all the other reviewers say it is. Written by

Has given sterling service with both Windows and linux (Ubuntu)

5 stars The Time and Money Saver Written by
I opurchased this as a replacement for an old label printer that would not run with Win 7. I am a disabled person who sells the odd bits now and again.Tthe Brother label maker is a godsend, I can use it to print off, in such clear a legible way, address Labels, package labels and much more. It has made an enormous diffence to my life, not having to go into the Study to print off a label from an old label maker. It is such a versatile printer, allowing you to just change the label cartridge and off you go with a different label. The end results are really clear and easy to apply onto the package or letters. The running costs are much less than I expected, using the official Brother labels. Thank you Brother for such a great product.
5 stars Excellent Written by

The printer is very easy to set up and use. We use it in general practice for printing blood test labels which is very quick and saves our staff a great deal of time.

5 stars Superb little machine Written by

I can't recommend this machine enough, it's small and compact, excellent print speed, very versatile with the range of label sizes and simple to install. It's thermal so no messing around with inks or toners and the labels are inexpensive and easy to find. If you hand write labels STOP, the price per label and the convinience of copy and paste into the template will save you more in time than it costs.

5 stars Brother QL-560 Address Label Printer - SUPERB! Written by
I purchased this from from labelzone and it arrived the next day! Excellent service! I bought this because I was tired of printing adresses onto A4 paper, cutting them out and sticking them to packages with tape! The included software is very easy to use (I use a Mac and there is no compatibility issues), you can add your own logos etc. Once you've 'designed' your label, click Print and you get a brilliant, self-adhesive label in seconds! The printer cuts the label off and then all you need to do is peel and stick! Well worth the money, buy one now!
5 stars Brother QL 560 Address label printer Written by

Lovely little neat and tidy unit. Quick, simple, quiet. Cannot ask for more.

5 stars Derek Written by
It is unbelievably handy, has an array of different settings and superbly quick Just what I wanted. I have a Brother laser printer and Brother garden label printer too.
5 stars Brother Label Printer Written by
A superb piece of equipment worth every penny, integrates into Word, Excel and more. The variety of labels is excellent and the continuous paper tape very flexible, use for several applications.
5 stars Ideal little printer Written by
Saves me a lot of time for my needs, prints what I need and when I need it thanks Brother.
5 stars Brother QL-560 Address Label Written by

A great little printer. fast clear printing even when printing large numbers of lables.

5 stars Great, long lasting label printer Written by
I've just purchase two more of these after originally buying one a couple of years ago. They are great little machines. The software is a little clunky but doesn't take too long to get the hand of. We use ours for creating barcodes for our appointment system, labelling files, drawers, hanging files, adding notes to documents when cascading them to multiple people, the list goes one. A great buy, especially with the continuous roll of label as you always get one exactly the right size although the rolls are dead easy to change if you want to swap to a different type/size. Highly recommend.
5 stars Great printer Written by

After having the first Dymo label printer I swapped onto the Brother QL series last year, I've never looked back since. It works flawlessly with Windows7 unlike the Dymo printer I had which wouldn't work with Windows7 no matter what I did.

5 stars Excellent printer Written by

Really impressed with the QL-560, prints fantastic labels with no messy ink or toner. Clear labels printed extremely fast whether it's one or a print run. Would recommend to anyone.

5 stars Excellent value Written by
This printer is value for money, efficient and very effective in presenting labels the way you want. I feel that the money spent on the printer is well worth the 70.00GBP paid for it.
5 stars Brilliant! Written by
This printer is so useful, almost everyone at work has one on their desk and it saves so much time. It prints instantly and is very easy to use. Very good value for money.
5 stars Brother QL-560 Written by

This is a very useful little printer. When I need to print one label or send one letter its invaluable. I use it on a MAC and the software’s not just as slick as it probably is for windows. It took a bit of time, but I now have a decent template, which I just open and paste the address into. Print the label and stick it on the envelope - it’s that easy.

5 stars Brother's Budget beauty Written by
A great printer for short print runs, print quality is good, and with a wide variety of label sizes it's proved extremely flexible. Perhaps not as robust as printers we've had in the past, we're more than happy as the printer is only a sixth of the cost. Well done Brother.

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Hi, we have a Brother P-touch QL 560 in our office. And I'm wondering if we can buy the ink for this machine from your website?

The QL range of printers are direct thermal, therefore they do not use ink.  The only consumable for these printers is the label rolls

How do I change the blade on this printer QL560?

If you life the clear lid you will see on the left a screw which is holding in place the cutter.  You will need to unscrew, remove and replace with DK-BU99

Is it compatible with windows 8..?

Windows 8 Drivers are available on for the QL range of printers including the QL-560

Will the address book feature work with a Mac? Many Thanks

Yes the all the features of the Brother QL range of printers work on both Mac and PC

Can I get a continuous role of labels which are fixed size, with serrated ends for easy tearing rather than a continuous roll of paper which needs cutting?

Brother offer a range of pre-cut DK labels for the QL range of printers, however none of which have serrated ends.

I have Windows 7 - Is the QL560 compatable with this operating system and Microsoft Word

The Brother QL-560 is compatible with Windows 7 and Vista

Can you syncronise the label printer to any database?

You can import your data from an external data source into Brother P-Touch editor.

Can I use my own application and use the QL-560 to print. For example, if I design my own label in JPG format, and open the JPG with a browser. Would I be able to send the print command to the QL-560 to print the JPG? Thank you

If you use the QL-560 printer driver you should be able to print from most Windows applications using FILE>PRINT from your applications menu.  The output form should be the same size as the labels in the printer to make sure the image prints correctly.  We would recommend that you consider using the Brother b-PAC SDK if you wanted to write you own application. More details can be found here

What size labels does it come with and how many?

The Brother QL-560 printer comes with a roll of 62mm x 8m white continuous label.

does this print in colour or just black and white

The QL range of printer only product a black print onto your label.

Hi can this label printer be connected to an office network so that we all call print different addresses from this same printer.

There are ways to share printers over a Windows network but we would recommend a true networkable product such as the QL-580N or the QL-1060N

Can I use labels intended for a zebra gk420d ?. I've nearly run out of 100x62 shipping labels and the zebra labels are much cheaper. I'm quite happy to roll them onto an empty 100x62 spindle.

The Brother QL labels have a registration patten printed in the reverse side of the backing paper which enables the printer to sense the labels.  The standard Zebra shipping labels do not have this and would not work in the QL printer.

Is there an outdoor/waterproof label suitable for this printer? If so, which one would you recommend? Thanks

The QL-560 labels are not suitable for outdoor use, we would recommend using one of the LabelStation printers for external labelling.  If you would like samples of the labels please call 0800 975 5040 for an information pack.

Will this product print bar code shipping labels?

The QL labelling software supplied with each QL printer will allow you to design and print virtually any type of label, these can include barcodes if required.  The software supports most common barcode formats and will convert your text into barocdes automatically.  You can also link to a database which allows batch printing of addresses.  Depending on the size of label you require the QL-560 may be suitable but if you need labels with a 100mm (4") width we would recommend the QL-1050 or the QL-1060N.  These are ideal for the  large shipping labels which are only suitable for these two printers.

Hi I am inquiring about the Brother QL-560 Address Label printer. I would like to know if you can use different width sizes of labels. Regards Bob

Thanks you for your enquiry, there is a wide range of label sizes, you can see the full range here if you need more information please feel free to call us on 0800 975 5040.

Is the Brother QL-560 compatable with my Windows 7 (64bit) platform and my software please? Tom

To ensure you are using the most upto date release of the Windows 7 64bit drivers and software, we would recommend downloading the latest version from the website.  The QL software doesn't have specific support for OpenOffice, however you should have no problems printing from OpenOffice as the Windows driver allows you to print from most applications.

Can I upload a black and white image (my company logo) to print on the labels also? Thank you Tracey

Yes, you can include logos and graphics on your labels.  The software supplied with the QL printers support most common graphic formats.

I am using Microsoft Access as a database, Can I continue using this and get the labels to print from Access?

Yes. the P-Touch Editor software has built-in Microsoft Office functionality to do exactly this. From the software you would simply select File > Database > Connect then choose your database to start editing it or to print from it straight away. The software can be downloaded from here if you'd like to see for yourself.

Is the QL-560 definitely compatible with a Mac?

Yes, but it's important you have the correct driver installed. Visit Brother's support section to download these drivers.

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