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Dymo Cardscan

Dymo Cardscan

Dymo Cardscan is a brilliant way of staying organised and removes the piles of business cards that we all collect! In essence Cardscan is a mini scanner, the Personal being mono and the Executive colour enabled. Simply scan the business card and the Cardscan software digitises the card and stores the details to the database. Contact information can be searched, sorted and categorised. Data can also be synchronised with other applications such as ACT, Goldmine and Outlook. Address labels can be printed directly to a Dymo LabelWriter.

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Dymo CardScan Team

Dymo CardScan Team

The Dymo Cardscan Executive is small desktop business card scanner with full featured contact mangement software. ...

This product is out of stock
Dymo CardScan Personal  S0929130

Dymo CardScan Personal S0929130

The Dymo Cardscan Personal is a compact, palm sized business card scanner which syncs with Outlook, PDA's and smartphones. ...

This product is out of stock
Dymo CardScan Executive S0929140

Dymo CardScan Executive S0929140

New V.9 The Dymo Cardscan Executive is small desktop business card scanner with full featured contact mangement software....

£95.00 ex vat£114.00 inc vatThis product is out of stock

The Dymo Cardscan software is the brains behind the Cardscan system, it’s intuitive to use and had great features to make handling contacts and addresses so quick and easy. Importing and exporting contacts from CSV files is easy.

There is also a Microsoft Outlook Add-in so you can scan business cards directly into your Outlook contacts. Compatible with PC and Mac therefore giving wide appeal to all business users. For corporate users the optional Cardscan Team software allows users to share contact information with another CardScan Team user.

The contact information is protected safely with a password so access can be restricted access. The basic package includes two licenses. For Developers, Cardscan SDK allows you to intergrate Dymo label printing or card scanning into Windows, Mac, Linux or custom embedded system. To develop an application you will require a compiler and linker which is compatible with libraries and DLLs that are generated by Microsoft® Visual C++ v5.0 or later, CardScan® 8.0 or later and Windows® XP/Vista/7/8.