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LabelStation Pro 200

LabelStation Pro 200

From £399.00 ex vat£478.80 inc vat
  • Delivery: Free (UK Standard)
Windows Compatible Windows Compatible

PDF Download
Questions (15)
Reviews (2)
  • 1 x LabelStation Pro200 Printer (USB, Parallel & Serial)
  • 1 x Mains power supply
  • 1 x Label design & print software
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Set ribbon spindles / label roll spindles.

  • Compact size
  • Crisp 200dpi print resolution
  • Simple to use label design software
  • Barcoding and sequential numbering as standard
  • Easy to load with labels and print ribbon
  • 127mm per second max print speed
  • Easy to install, plug and play USB
  • Accepts a wide range of media including labels, tags, heatshrink tubingLow cost supplies
  • 2MB Flash Memory & 8MB DRAM Memory
  • Windows Compatible

The LabelStation system is an 'out of the box' solution to your labelling, sign and identification problems!

Supplied as a complete package, the LabelStation system includes an easy to use design and print software package that gives you the ability to design labels which can include barcodes, text, sequential numbering, graphics and logos.

The LabelStation Pro family of printers is probably the most versatile range on the market. Their ability to print onto a wide range of materials such as labels, non-adhesive tags or heat shrink-tubing makes this range a low cost and effective way of printing in house, on demand as and when required.

5 Average Rating 5/5 (2 Reviews)
5 stars Brilliant Machine Written by

An excellent printing machine, so versatile and easy to use. Set up is very easy, even for people with limited computer skills. Once set up, it is very easy to create new labels. The printing is of a very high quality

4 stars Versatility On Tap Written by

The most impressive aspect of the models Pro 200 and Pro 300 printer is their versatility. They will do most regular printing jobs straight out of the box, but if you take the trouble to understand their anatomy, such as the purpose of the two optical sensors, you’ll find yourself in possession of a printer which can be coaxed into doing just about any print job. The kind of printing skills that will impress your colleagues can be acquired in a matter of minutes with the help of the accompanying CD. As for which model of LabelStation you need, roughly speaking it goes like this: To label roadside power poles the Pro 200 would most certainly suffice (probably printing on vinyl using industrial ribbon), whereas to produce a part number sticker for a microchip would require the extra resolution of the Pro 300, especially if a company logo or graphic is involved.

The Pro 200 works handsomely for most regular jobs, however. Unlike cartridge printers which are foolproof but inflexible and tend to use more expensive consumables, just one Pro 200 or Pro300 printer can equate to several dedicated machines and will often come to the rescue when an unexpected new printing requirement arises. Like all machines these printers do have their limits but they are very forgiving when pushed beyond them, tending to perform less well rather than simply failing to cooperate once the line is crossed. A typical example of this is the maximum label thickness of 0.19mm, which I have often exceeded without repercussions.

On the subject of limitations, it should be noted that whilst these printers reproduce solid lines very well they do not excel at half-tones (shades of grey). In other words, to guarantee good results when printing a picture file you have to make sure that the graphic it contains consists only of solid black-and-white areas with, at best, cross-hatching to approximate half-tones. The LabelDirect labelling software supplied with the printer is an excellent choice for the ordinary user as it is not over-complicated by the inclusion of features which interest largely only developers.

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Will this printer work on an Apple Mac computer or iPad?

Hi Mark

All LabelStation printers are Windows only.  There is no support for Mac or Ipad at the moment.

Best Regards


Will the printer detach the printed labels off the roll without the guillotine

There is a peel and present option for this printer, this will enable the printer to print one label then remove from the backing and present the label for removal, once the label has been removed the printer will then print the next label.  This option is only suitable for printers that do not have the cutter installed.

Can the printer store information on it so it is easy to change to a different label without plugging into a computer? Many thanks

The Labelstation range of printers do not have memeory, information would be stored on the PC or if you have an external keyboard and then feed through to the printer.

Hi, I am very interested in printing hazard labels what is the largest size label the printer can do, also does the label printer automatically come with label designs for example Flammable liquid is normally a diamond shape?

The Labelstation Pro range of printers print on media up to 104mm wide.  Within the software you will find a number of symbols, however if you wanted signs you would need to download from your computer or internet, however we do sell the Signs CD for £59.00.

Which size print ribbon does does the Labelsation Pro 200 take? How many stick-in or loop -lock labels can one roll of ribbon print?

The Maximum size ribbon the Labelstation takes is 110mm wide 30m long.  This should print just over 6 rolls of the 191 x 24mm loop locks

Would I need the guillotine version to print loop-lock and stick-in horticultural labels or are the labels perforated?

Loop Locks and stickins are perforated therefore you would not need the cutter option on the Labelstation printer

Is it possible to print on both sides of the lock tie labels as I usually print customers name and address on reverse of labels and plant description on front. Thank you.

It is possible to print both side both sides of the lock tie labels.  However you would need to print one side first, rewind the labels and then print the second side.   If you would like to discuss this in a bit more detail please call sales on 01202 683212 and we will be pleased to help.

Will the printer be able to print push in plant labels and labels for bottles? I want a versatile printer that can do both I also have a mac is the software compatable? I can get the mac to run windows operating system. Or am I tempting fate and just. Buy a cheap windows operating laptop?

The Labelstation Pro range of printers are nice and versitile, being able to print onto horticultural labels such as stickins, loop locks and waterproof vinyl labels.  The Labelstation will also produce direct thermal or thermal transfer paper labels for cheap mail / distribution runs as well as heat shrink tubing and polyester labels for cable marking and panel labelling.

If an information pack and samples are required please e-mail

Can the Labelstation Pro 200 have updated software so that it can be used with more modern Windows machines as the computer we have is running older software and is very slow. Best Regards, Carla Warnes

Yes, the Pro200 will run with all versions of Windows including Windows 7.   Please call tech support on 01202 683212 and they will be pleased to help.

We want to print labels that have a black background with white print (or preferably silver print). Can the LabelStation print these?

You can print onto black vinyls using the super white resin ribbon if using the Labelstation printer

Can this printer cut the label into a circular shape?

The Labelstation printer comes with an option to have a guillotine cutter added, this cutter cuts in only a straight line from left to right.

Can this printer print coloured pictures on the labels? Thank you

The LabelStation range of printers print single colours onto the labels.  There is a range of coloured print ribbons available.  Standard stocked colours are black, red, blue, green & white.  Other colours are available as specials.

I am using a Pro200 printer with narrow heat-shrink tube and I cannot centre the tubing because the label guides donít come close enough together. How can I remedy this?

We supply an adaptor for the label guides.  Please call sales on 01202 68312 and they will be able to supply this to you.

Will this printer also print standard address labels as well as plant labels?

Yes the Labelstation will print both thermally and direct thermally onto most materials including paper, so is perfect for address labelling

Can you design the labels or have a list in the computer and just connect the printer to print a whole series of labels?

Labels are designed on the PC using the design and print software included with the LabelStation printers.  The software is easy to use, you can create labels with text, numbers, logos, graphics, barcodes, sequential numbers.  With the professional version of the software you have the ability to link fields on a label design to an external database. 

Each label design or template can be saved and reprinted, modified or edited as required. There is no limit to how many labels you can create. 

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110mm wide - Q-R110BKI - Black Industrial Ribbon

110mm wide - Q-R110BKI - Black Industrial Ribbon

110mm wide black Industrial ribbon for use with the Labelstation series of printers...

 £29.00 ex vat£34.80 inc vat
  • Delivery: Free (UK Standard)
  • Size: 110mm x 300 meters
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Industrial
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LabelStation Heat Shrink Spool Holder

For use with the LabelStation Pro200/300 printers. Holds the bulk 30m to 50m rolls of heat shrink tubing...

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LabelStation Pro Heatshrink Tubing Guides

These guides are to be used when using narrow heatshrink tubing with the LabelStation Pro200/300 printers....

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Q-HST32WT - White Heat Shrink Tubing - 3.2mm 5 out of 5 1

White Heat Shrink Tubing - 3.2mm. 3:1 Ratio flame retardant & zero Halogen. Supplied flat for use in LabelStation printers....

 £14.95 ex vat£17.94 inc vat
  • Delivery: Free (UK Standard)
  • Size: 3.2mm
  • Roll Length: 30 metres
  • Shrink Ratio: 3:1
  • Flame Retarded: Yes
  • Halogen Free: Yes
  • Colour: White
Q-L5025WTV - Gloss White Vinyl - 50mm x 25mm
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Red Self-tie Loop Lock Plant Tags 100 Pack

Red Self-tie Loop Lock Plant Tags 100 Pack 5 out of 5 3

100 red Self-tie Loop Lock Plant Tags 191mm x 25mm...

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  • Labels per roll: 100
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