Monthly Archives: October 2009

  1. Doing Our Bit For Blog Action Day

    Today is Blog Action Day, an annual event held every October 15th where bloggers unite to post about specific issues affecting us all (some more directly than others). Since its creation in 2007, topics have included the environment, poverty and this year brings us to climate change.We thought you might be interested to know what preventative measures we take to combat it.

    The Problem

    Please forgive us for this, but in the past we were guilty of throwing away approximately 2,000 cubic litres of cardboard per week; supplier shipping cartons were routinely dumped without a moment's thought. There had to be a better way to deal with this excess waste, surely? Around this time it just so happened that we were working towards our ISO accreditations, one of which was the 14001

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  2. Brother GL-200 Label Printer Review

    Print Quality: 7-stars
    Print Speed: 7-stars
    Versatility: 6-stars
    Ease of Setup:
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  3. Today’s Google Logo Celebrates The Barcode

    If you've opened Google's home page today, you might be wondering why its usual logo has been replaced by a barcode. Today marks the 57th anniversary of when the patent was granted to inventors Bernard Silver and Norman Woodland.

    Out of curiosity, we thought we'd run the image through an online barcode decoder. Of course, they hadn't used any old barcode to replace the usual logo, unsurprisingly it spelled something out. Here's the results:

    Googleg, apparently! Whether this was an error or not remains to be seen.

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