Monthly Archives: September 2014

  1. How To Add a Date Field With Offset

    Adding a date field to a label template is easy in any labelling software. Adding a date field with an offset couldn't be easier in the Brother P-Touch Editor labelling software:

    • 1. Open the "Date and Time" dialog from the panel on the right.
    • 2. Choose "Date" or "Time".
    • 3. Click the "Add/Subtract" checkbox.
    • 4. Select the "Unit" (hours/days etc.).
    • 5. Changed the "Time Period".
    • 6. Click "OK".

    Software comparisons
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  2. P-Touch E100VP Unboxing Review

    See below for an unboxing and brief overview video of the Brother P-Touch E100VP label printer kit.


    • 2 line printing
    • Preset label formats for cable and wire marking
    • Cable Wrap Mode
    • Cable Flag Mode
    • Face Plate Mode
    • 168 symbols
    • 15 font sizes
    • 9 type styles

    Value pack includes:

    • 1x 12mm Black on yellow strong adhesive tape
    • AC adaptor
    • Carry case
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  3. P-Touch E300VP Unboxing Review

    See below for an unboxing and brief overview video of the Brother P-Touch E300VP label printer kit.


    • 7 fonts & 7 print styles
    • Barcode function
    • 50 memory areas
    • Sequential numbering/alpha
    • Smart Label Keys for General, Faceplate, Cable Wrap, Heat Shrink Tube, Self-laminated, Cable Flag, Patch Panel & Punch Down Block
    • 5 Print Lines

    Value pack includes:

    • 1x 18mm Black on yellow strong adhesive tape
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
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  4. P-Touch E550WVP Unboxing & Overview

    The Brother P-Touch E550WVP comes in a hard carry case, giving it a high quality professional look. The case comes tightly closed with robust plastic clips that click together.

    Inside the case is a the usual instruction manual in a plastic bag along with the software CD, quick start guide and transparent ruler/guide located inside a little pocket. The power adaptor, USB cable, battery and TZ tapes are each in their own little cut-outs inside the case so there’s no chance of misplacing or losing something while packing up after a job

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