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  1. Sandown Elex Show 2015

    The Sandown Elex Show is always the premier event of the year. Its location takes in a huge catchment area and this was evident on both days with the Sandown Park car parks hitting capacity by late morning both days. Arriving at the main entrance the queues were moving fast and there was definitely a lively atmosphere about the place, something which most trade shows sadly lack these days. Elex seems to have captured the imagination of the UK's electricians with all the shows around the UK being well attended but Sandown is the big one!

    This year saw Dymo launching their new XTL range

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  2. 2015 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

    It's that time of the year again where retailers drop their prices to staggeringly low figures and us Brits spend "£1.07 billion" in just 24 hours!* So far promotional leaks have shown laptops under £100 and game console bundles under £200! Last year one retailer claimed to have sold 1 popular smoothie maker every 30 seconds and a TV every minute while another retailer claimed they sold 1 games console every second. Some websites had a different item on a flash sale every 10 minutes while other websites had huge selections on sale all at once. Some websites would slow to a crawl while others would fall over and stop responding completely.

    Meanwhile in the high streets there are half-mile queues, fist-fights, shouting, squabbling and crying children. But is it all worth it? One supermarket this year is not participating in thie year's Black Friday as there

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  3. Apple Mac OSX Label Printer Compatibility


    Microsoft Windows is installed everywhere from office computers to tills, in schools to on cash point machines, warehouses and even military simulation systems. But what about Apple's Mac OSX operating system?

    Apple is most popular for their iPods, iPhones and tablets, but their Mac computers still aren't the popular choice when it comes to personal and professional computers.

    I have a Windows desktop computer I built for most of my work and gaming, but I chose a Macbook Pro over a every Windows laptop usually comes with sponsored <i>bloatware</i> such as trial versions of Mcafee, Norton and Office to name a few. It can actually do pretty much everything my Windows computer can, but I digress.

    Mac OS are preferred over Windows PCs by graphic designers and such like,  but there are  very few applications where the Mac OS is prefered over Windows. Th

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  4. Heat Shrink & Brother HSe Video

    Marking cables using heat shrink tubing is probably the most effective, reliable and professional looking solution there is. The video above is an example using a Brother P-Touch E550W and a heat gun. Producing these types of labels really is as fast as it looks in the video.

    Other printers that can print heat shrink tubing includes most Labelstations, Dymo XTL & Rhino Pro, most Brady and the Brother E300 & E550W.

    Coloured heat shrink can help identify groups of cables, while printing on the tubing can identify individual cables. Using heat shrink instead of cable flag labels improves identification as it is less cluttered improves and airflow for enclosed areas such as server racks.

    Using the heat shrink tubing instead of cable wraps improves identification from as wraps can

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  5. How To: Change Font - Brother P-Touch E550W

    In case you missed it, here is a step by step guide from the video:

    1. Change between upper and lowercase letters by pressing the caps lock button to the left of the space bar.
    2. Press the font button at the top left next to the power button.
    3. Use the up and down buttons to select the font, size, width and style options.
    4. Use the left and right buttons to change the highlighted option.
    5. Press the OK button to confirm changes.
    6. Preview the label by pressing the preview button at the top next to the font button.
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  6. Sizing Chart For Easy Cable Labelling

    Buying cables or labels on their own can be an easy task, but getting the right label for your cable may require a little more thought. This day in age we're constantly battling between the metric and imperial system of metres and miles, litres and gallons. So to make things in the world of cable labelling easier, here is a USA to European cable size chart:

    USA Standard Cable Size Equivalent Cross-Section Nearest Available Cable Size
    20 AWG 0.519 mm2 0.5 mm2 - 0.75 mm2
    18 AWG 0.823 mm2 1 mm2
    16 AWG
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  7. Label Sensing: The Difference Between Gap, Line & None

    After our very popular blog post, "Difference between Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer", I thought it would only be fair to explain the difference in the sensing options too.

    What are they?

    The different sensing options are all optical. They can either detect a gap, a hole or a black line that is printed for the sole purpose of sensing. These are used to tell the printer where the start and finish of each label is. If these are not set correctly they can cause your printer to either error or print incorrectly.


    Let's start with the most common option in professional printing; the gap option. A huge selection of rectangular, opaque, die cut labels (labels that are pre cut to size) have a gap of ~3mm between them. The printer will have an optical sensor that will shine an invisible light through both the label and the backing paper.

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