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  1. LabelStation Design & Print Software Review: LabelDirect


    LabelDirect Basic is possibly the most user friendly labelling application on the market. This edition of LabelDirect has many features such as text, a modest range of shapes, images and 15 types of barcodes. It also has the ability for a user prompt at the time of print so data can be changed without physically altering anything in the label design itself. In addition to the fixed fonts available in the printer this software can introduce into your label any of the fully scalable fonts provided by Windows, making artistic layouts possible with the same ease as more businesslike layouts like the one shown below, which can be useful in the retail environment.


    The professional edition includes all

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  2. LabelStation Design & Print Software Review: BarTender


    The Ultralite edition ships with every current LabelStation and is included in the price of the printer. The software will allow you to produce intricate labels at ease and works much like office-style software with all the familiar keyboard commands such as Ctrl+C for copy and Ctrl+V for paste on all objects. In addition to a selection of Printer fonts and all the usual Windows fonts, Ultralite can produce barcodes in more than 90 different types. During installation you will receive a selection of new fonts for icon and symbology insertion. The many symbols include, but are not limited to, electrical, safety and packaging. With these symbols being in font format, they are vectorised and therefore can be resized without the risk of quality loss. If you choose a networked printer, you'll be happy to know that this software can be installed on as many computers as required

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  3. TZe-Tape Guide

    Struggling to find the TZe tape you need? Help is at hand with this useful TZe tape table. Choose the size, choose the colour, get the code! Search the code on Labelzone for the most competitive price on genuine Brother tapes.

    3.5mm 6mm 9mm 12mm 18mm 24mm 36mm
    White on Green TZe-MQG35
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  4. Brother QL-570 Address Label Printer Overview

    First, lets have a little look at the family tree of some Brother printers.

    First there was the QL-500, a little direct thermal address label printer. Its printing speed was fast but the guillotine cutter was hand operated; with a little slider that you push from left to right and it sprung back when you let go. The QL-500 was all about sticking to a budget.

    The QL-550 & QL-560. These printers were the same as their predecessor but with an electric cutter. You could tell the printer to cut after every label, at the end of a batch, or not at all leaving you to press the button to cut it when you're ready. They had more or less the same printing speed as the QL-500.

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  5. Support Updates

    We've slacked behind on some areas while trying to get this blog in shape that we forgot to update our support documents for all the printers and similar accessories such as weighing scales. Today I am happy to say that we have over 300 pages of support documents and downloads for Brady, Brother, Casio, Dymo, Epson, LabelStation, Leitz, Seiko, TSC & Zebra. So if you've lost your CD and need to know how to do something or install the driver/software, click here. You can then choose the manufacturer, model and directly view or download the user manual. If there's drivers or software available to download there will be a link there for that too. I'll be continuing to try and keep it up-to-date so keep an eye out for the little

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  6. How To: Fixed Block - Brother P-Touch E550W

    In case you missed it, here is a step by step guide from the video:

    1. Press the fixed block button.
    2. Using the arrow buttons to navigate, choose your block length, number of blocks and orientation.
    3. Enter the details using the arrow buttons to jump between blocks.
    4. You can preview your label at any time by pressing the preview button.
    5. When you're ready to print, press the print button and your label will be produced to your requested size.
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  7. How To Automatically Detect Label Sizes in Brother P-Touch Editor

    This is the first in a series of Brother P-Touch Editor tutorials. These will be short clips with instructions on how to use the software posted once per month around this date. If you have any requests you can contact us and we can try and help you.

    In case you missed it, here is a step by step guide from the video:

    1. Pressing the "Detect Media" button will automatically set the page size for the label that's loaded
    2. This button can be used if you don't switch on the printer before opening the software or if you've changed the roll
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  8. Brady's 100 Years

    Brady was founded in 1914 manufacturing painted signs, promotional calendars and point of sale displays. The company made it through The Great Depression by manufacturing hundreds of millions of push cards. Early Years — Brady's first products were promotional calendars, painted signs and point of purchase displays. The company made it through The Great Depression by manufacturing and marketing hundreds of millions of push cards. These small paperboard cards with rows of perforated circles concealing numbers, fit into Brady's already established business of printing, die cutting and laminating.

    1940s — During World War II, Brady discovered the wire marker card, numbered cloth strips on an adhesive card. Electricians and assembly

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