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  1. Asset Tagging Alternative: Medicine

    Counterfeit drugs and fake medical equipment are on the rise. Patient healthcare is a growing risk and is costing European countries an estimated £1bn a year.

    Fake drugs may have the correct ingredients but they could be the wrong dosage, or be missing active ingredients, or contain impurities, or even contain toxic chemicals. They could be wrongly fed into the supply chain thus ending up behind the counter of a pharmacy or they are sold directly over the internet to the end user at discounted prices. Medication isn't the only fraud; it was only a couple years ago there was the PIP breast implant scare. Breast implants are meant

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  2. Interview with John Poole from Image Computer Systems

    I decided the take the opportunity to ask the founder and director of Image Computer Systems, John Poole, a few questions about the company and the software they publish.

    I'm aware you make more than one type of software. What are they all called and could you summarize their different applications?

    EnLabel is a general purpose labelling software which will operate with any printer that has a Windows driver. This includes colour, laser, plotter, inkjet etc. Feedback from users of a wide range of labelling software complement it on its intuitive user interface and minimal mouse clicks to design and print. LabelDirect is easier to use and understand for Zebra, Datamax, SATO, Toshiba and TSC labelling printers as the printer setting are part of the design interface. Printing is in the printers native language so throughput cannot be any faster because we send less data. For examples barcodes are generated by the
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  3. 2016 Electrician Printers: Brother vs. Dymo

    In case you haven't seen any previous blog posts, the industrial Brother printer models start with "PT-E" and the industrial Dymo models start with "XTL". Here's a comparison of the 2016 models that will be on the market for the next few years. Use the checkboxes below to filter out different models of printers to help you compare fewer models.

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  4. How To: Punch Down Block - Brother P-Touch E550W

    In case you missed it, here is a step by step guide from the video:

    1. Press the punch-down block button. Using the arrow buttons to navigate, change the settings to setup your label.
    2. Settings you can change are: module width, block type, sequence type and start value.
    3. Each of the automatically inputted values can be manually changed.
    4. Use the arrow buttons to navigate around the blocks. You can amend any of them by deleting the number and entering your own text.
    5. Press the preview button to preview your label and make sure it's correct before printing.
    6. Pressing the print button will produce a label exactly how you requested it and have it cut to the correct size.
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  5. How To Insert Images in Brother P-Touch Editor

    Please note the sample image in the video is already black and white. All colour images will be printed as black and white with dithering, not grayscale. In case you missed it, here is a step by step guide from the video:

    1. Go to "Insert", "Picture" and "From File..."
    2. Find the image, select it and click "Open"
    3. Click and drag to move
    4. Drag a corner to resize while keeping the aspect ratio
    5. Drag an edge to stretch or compress the image
    6. Double click for more options
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  6. Brother Battle: New E550W vs Old 7600

    As you can probably tell from the cheesy picture I put together, this is a showdown between the old Brother P-Touch 7600 and its replacement, the PT-E550W. Below is a table of all the important details to compare between the two models. Below the table is an explanation of the differences.

    FeaturesPT-7600 (Discontinued)PT-E550W (Current)
    TZe Tape Sizes 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24mm 3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24mm
    HSe Tubing Sizes None 5.8, 8.8, 11.7, 17.7 & 23.6mm
    Print Resolution 180 DPI 180 DPI
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