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  1. Print Quality: What is DPI?

    DPI has been mentioned in tens of our blog posts. I've nearly always highlighted it so you can click to see what the letters stand for. But telling you what the letters stand for is one thing, now it's time to tell you what DPI means.

    Pre-Print vs. Post-Print

    Before we get onto the main subject, I want to first talk about the print quality from software to printer. Thermal transfer and direct thermal printers can't intentionally produce half colours. What I mean by this is if the ribbon is black and the label is white, the printer can't produce grey. Let's look at some examples. Here I've typed DPI in a curvy font. In each of the examples, I've highlighted an area of the letter P, which we'll look closely at. The zoomed section is to the right of the letters. In the software, everything looks okay on the screen. We zoom in and we can see greys and other colours filling

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  2. Silver on Silver - An Unusual Yet Satisfying Combination

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  3. Teardown: LabelStation Pro200 / Pro300

    This is the first of a series of teardowns I'm looking to document. These are both for educational purposes (such as doing repairs yourself) and also for entertainment as I for one find teardowns very interesting. Since a young age I've always enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work, and it seems I haven't grown out of that. Here we'll look at what tools you'd need to take apart a LabelStation Pro200, how easy it is, and why you'd need to take it to pieces in the first place. The Pro200 is more or less the same as the Pro300 and their network attached equivalents. I'll point out any differences as I go along. The tools you'd need and a couple I would recommend to take the printer apart and put it back together again:

    • Medium cross head screwdriver
    • Large cross head screwdriver
    • Medium flat head screwdriver
    • Small wire cutters
    • Long tweezers
    • Anti-static wrist strap and a ground source
    • Some small pots (to keep
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  4. 2016 Zebra GC GK GX Compare

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  5. How To: Cable Flag - Brother P-Touch E550W

    In case you missed it, here is a step by step guide from the video:

    1. First make sure you are using a TZe FX tape as these will perform better in the long run.
    2. Press the flag button to choose this type of wire marking.
    3. Using the arrow buttons to navigate, change the layout, flag length, cable diameter and orientation.
    4. If you set the layout to be [AA|AA], the data you enter will appear the same on both sides of the flag.
    5. If you set the layout to be different [AA|BB], then you will get two columns for the unique data.
    6. Use the arrow buttons to navigate between columns.
    7. Press the print button to print the label. The printer will also cut it the correct size as well as printing a dotted line for where to position
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  6. How To Add Frames in Brother P-Touch Editor

    In case you missed it, here is a step by step guide from the video:

    1. Go to "Insert" and "Frame"
    2. Select a frame category
    3. Select a frame
    4. Click "OK" once you've chosen your frame
    5. You can also resize the frame and add more
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