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  1. Dymo XTL Tutorial: Cable Wrap & Flag Labels

    Cable Wrap

    1. Choose the size of the cable that the label is going to wrap.
    2. Type in the data you wish to print.
    3. Press print to print the label and wrap it around your cable.

    Cable Flag

    1. Choose the size of the cable that the label is going to 'flag' off of.
    2. Choose the flag length suitable for the data to be inserted.
    3. Adjust the text size and orientation to suit the label flag if required.
    4. Press print.
    5. Use the dotted line that is printed in the centre to line up the label correctly on the cable.
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  2. Brother QL-700 Unboxing

    What's in the box:

    • QL-700 Label Printer
    • USB & power cable
    • User manual & software CD
    • Sample roll 62mm continuous
    • Sample roll stand address label
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  3. Brother GL-100, GL-200 and GL-H105 Label Printer Comparison

    Older models

    Current models GL-200 GL-H105
    Tape sizes Up to 12mm Up to 12mm
    Print speed 10mm per second 20mm per second
    Lines of print Up to 2 Up to 2
    Font styles 9 9
    Fonts 1 1
    Borders / frames 5
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  4. Zebra GC420d & GK420d for Royal Mail DMO

    Using a Zebra label printer with Royal Mail DMO (and other courier services such as Parcelforce, FedEx, DPD, UK Mail, UPS, Yodel and many more) couldn't be easier. Once you've got your labels setup, all you need to do is point your software to the printer. Many courier services produce a PDF document of your label which can easily be printed to any printer. The Zebra GC and GK series are by far the most intuitive and with it's wide selection of bulk labels you'll save yourself 4p per label!* Once the printer is installed using with standard Windows Drivers (either from the included disc or via Windows Update), you then need to attach the printer to the DMO software. To do this see the DMO printer installation guide.


    Some of the Zebra printers are being disguised as other, made-up models. The Zebra GK420d for example is being disguised as a ZP505 supplied by

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  5. Brother Industrial Handheld Label Printer Comparison

    Old Models

    Replacement Models

    The Brother P-Touch 7100 handheld label printer was the cheapest P-Touch specifically targeted at electricians. It will print on TZ tape sizes between 3.5 and 12mm. It has an ABC keyboard, large 1-line display, 9 font styles. It was supplied with a hard carry case and mains adaptor but can run from 6 AAA batteries. This printer has since been replaced by the PT-E100. The E100 prints faster, has specific patch panel and cable marking functions, and can even do serialisation.

    The Brother P-Touch 7500 handheld label printer was much larger and heavy duty. It will print up to 7 lines on TZ tapes between 6 and 24mm. It has a large 2-line backlit LCD. It too comes supplied

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  6. Dymo XTL Label Durability


    The Dymo XTL printer is still rather new so I was curious as to how the labels will hold up in fairly rough conditions. What better location to test the durability of a label than the floor in a couple of doorways in our busy warehouse. The last two months have given the UK hot, cold, humid, and wet weather. As much as the sunshine and rain didn't directly hit these labels, I'm sure some hot coffee was spilt on, and a few grubby shoes scuffed over them. As you can see from the photos, the labels were date stamped and stuck down in busy areas. As I start to write this post and take new photos, it is some 60 days later. That means 42 8 hour work days (or 336 hours) of people walking, and trolleys rolling over them. So let's have a look at how they held up.


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  7. How To Insert a Table in Brother P-Touch Editor

    In case you missed it, here is a step by step guide from the video:

    1. Go to "Insert" and "Table"
    2. Enter the number of rows and columns and click OK
    3. The table has now been inserted
    4. You can resize the whole table by dragging a corner or edge
    5. You can adjust the sizes of the rows or columns by dragging a the internal lines
    6. By selecting the whole table you can adjust all the cell's font properties in one batch
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  8. Brother P-Touch 1000 Unboxing

    What's in the box:

    • P-Touch 1000 Label Printer
    • User Manual
    • Sample 12mm x 4m black on white TZe tape
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