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  1. Coloured Labels for Zebra, Dymo & LabelStation

    We have a new selection of labels that are worth talking about. Introducing our selection of coloured labels that will work with Dymo LabelWriter, Zebra GC/GK/GX, and all LabelStation printers. These labels are supplied on a 25mm core and have a maximum outside diameter of 80mm. They also have a selection of black marks on the underside of the backing paper for various printers to sense the start and finish of the labels. The Zebra and LabelStation range will use the gaps between the labels for sensing. All labels are a high quality, gloss-coated paper that is lined with a permanent adhesive. You won't need to purchase any ribbon or ink thanks to their direct thermal technology. If there's a size or colour we're not displaying, give us

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  2. Brother P-Touch Industrial Desktop Label Printers Comparison

    These products are discontinued. For our full range of current printers please click here.

    The following printers can be connected to a computer via USB which will allow for extra fonts and font styles installed on the computer to be used. All printer-installed fonts are listed in the table below.

    Print speeds: Fast = 10mm per second. Very Fast = 20mm per second. Super Fast = 80mm per second on HG tape and 20mm per second on TZ tape. The Brother P-Touch
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  3. P-Touch Desktop Label printer Comparison

    All the following printers can connect to a computer via USB and have a maximum print width of 62mm. They all use the Brother P-Touch Editor software which is a free download from the Brother website.

    The Brother QL-500 label printer is the most basic label printer and is currently the cheapest. It prints quickly and has a manual cutter. This means you have to slide a thumb-sized tab to the right to cut between labels. This isn't required but it helpful to separate labels or cut the continuous rolls to the desired size.

    The Brother QL-560 Label Printer is the same as the QL-500 but has an automatic electric cutter instead. Again this isn't required and can be switched off in the P-Touch Editor software. The Brother QL-650TD Label Printer has USB and serial (RS232) connection. It also has built-in memory to save label templates

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  4. Dymo Durable LabelWriter Labels Overview and Test

    Paper labels have always been good for general, office, and courier use. The only down side is that paper is easy to damage. Dymo has been the odd one out in terms of material selection for their LabelWriter labels... until now.

    Why choose a different material?


    • Industrial adhesive provides a permanent fixture to more challenging surfaces like metal, textured PVC, glass and wood.
    • Protective coating resists damage from abrasion, oils and cleaning products.
    • High-grade material means the label can withstand temperatures from -18°C to +50°C.
    • Moisture-resistant design withstands damp conditions and rain up to 85% humidity.

    The new Dymo Durable labels are more resistance to cleaning, chemicals, rain, temperatures and challenging surfaces. It's almost like you're upgrading your printer by only upgrading your labels. Use your labels for outdoors, on floors, on pallets and tools, on frozen i

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  5. Dymo XTL Tutorial: 110 Block Label

    1. Choose "110 Block" from the home screen
    2. Choose the block type from the list
    3. Enter the information to be printed
    4. Easily serialise the entire set using the serial number function
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  6. New Brady BMP61 - The TLS2200 Replacement

    The Brady TLS2200 was discontinued a while ago, but it has finally been replaced. Now for even better news: you can use almost all of your old labels with the new printer. Take a look at the new printers side-by-side. TLS2200 BMP61
    Size 108 x 102 x 292mm 107 x 106 x 328mm
    Weight 1.2kg
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  7. LabelStations Are GO!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of labelling.

    Here at Advanced Labelling, we are sure to find a solution for your requirements, and the LabelStation range is very likely to fit your labelling needs. Take a look at the various applications below that might be exactly (or at least very close) to your requirements. The LabelStation printers are perfect for the following:

      • Health and safety and Signage
      • Your premises would need to have adequate signage for fire doors, CCTV, hazards, etc. to comply with legislation and ISO. On a wide selection of colours, size and a shapes, the LabelStation is sure to fulfill your requirements.

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