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  1. Brady BMP61 Unboxing Video & Setup

    What's in the box:

    1. Hard carry case
    2. User manual & CDs
    3. Main power cable
    4. Power adaptor
    5. USB cable
    6. Battery pack
    7. Hand strap
    8. Label printer
    9. Black ribbon
    10. Starter roll of labels

    *Please note contents may change due to different models or kits and updates. Please see 'Whats in the box' on each product description to confirm.

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  2. Dymo MobileLabeler Unboxing Video

    What's in the box:

    1. Label Printer
    2. User manual
    3. Rechargeable battery
    4. 24mm x 3m black on white laminated tape
    5. Power adaptor
    6. Mains power cable
    7. USB cable
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  3. Dymo XTL Tutorial: Pipe Marking Label

    1. Choose "Pipe Marking" from the home screen
    2. Choose the type of label you want to produce
    3. Set the size of the label from the pipe size
    4. Enter the information on the label
    5. Print and apply label(s)
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  4. Dymo XTL Tutorial: Vertical and Horizontal Breaker Label

    1. Choose either "Vertical Breaker" or "Horizontal Breaker" from the home screen
    2. Choose the number of breakers you wish to label
    3. Choose the breaker height/width
    4. Set the number of poles for each breaker
    5. Enter the information for each breaker and printer the label
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  5. Brother TZe Longevity Outdoors

    Back in July 2016 I printed some samples and stuck them out the back of our building where they would be subject to the midday sun, wind, and rain. Being a laminated plastic material you would expect them to last, and I know they do last, but for the sake of an experiment I decided to go ahead with a few different sizes and colours. I'm sure our neighbours are a little perplexed by the array of colours stuck to our building, but it's all in the name of science.

    18th July 2016

    It was late afternoon while the sun doesn't hit this side of the building. I used isopropyl alcohol to clean the majority of the crud from the plastic surface prior to sticking the labels down. The only thing to note here is that the high grade (HGe) tape is the only one with the extra strong
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  6. NEW: BradyJet J5000 Full Colour Label Printer Overview

    Looking for a full colour, 8" wide label printer? Look no further than the BradyJet J5000. Featuring a full CMYK, 4800 DPI print resolution and a 16 million colour output. This printer also features the new Brady Workstation software to design and print your labels quickly and easily with a selection of downloadable apps. Connectivity from your computer to the printer can be done through a choice of USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi.


    • Full 16 million colour CMYK inkjet print.
    • Huge 4800 DPI print resolution.
    • USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi connectivity.
    • Min media width: 51mm
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  7. Dymo XTL Tutorial: Materials Management Label

    1. Choose "Materials Management" from the home screen
    2. Choose a template from the selection
    3. Fill in and/or edit the pre-filled information
    4. Any dates will need to be entered manually
    5. Print and apply your label
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  8. Update: Leitz Icon Label Printer Re-Review

    Leitz Icon Label Printer
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