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  1. LabelStation Helper - April 2017 Update

    It's been 3 years since I built the first version of the LabelStation Helper. I've evolved it quite a lot over that time to finally become a powerful archive of help and information that it is today. If you already have a previous version installed, open it to trigger the update. You might need to close it and open it again as the auto-update can have a delayed trigger (which has since been fixed). Another version of the LabelStation Helper has a button on the first screen that reads "Check for Helper Update", click it (you might need to click this button twice, but this has been fixed in the latest update). If you have a very early version that doesn't include the auto-updater, it's recommended to delete the folder that it installed to (usually "C:\LabelStation" unless you selected otherwise, or click uninstall from the programs menu if you're using the 2015 version) and run the downloader below.

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  2. Dymo XTL Tutorial: Asset Tracking Label

    1. Choose "Asset Tracking" from the home screen
    2. Choose a template from the list
    3. Edit and/or add text boxes for the required information
    4. Edit or add barcodes if required
    5. Add serialisation to textboxes or barcodes
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  3. Missing Print, Vertical Lines & Cleaning Your Label Printer


    Have you ever printed from your label printer and noticed a straight vertical line of missing print? It might be only about <1mm wide going through your text, an image or even a barcode which can prevent it from being read correctly. This can mean one of two things:

    • Your printhead is dirty
    • Your print head needs replacing

    Hopefully it's the first of the two. If it is then here are some solutions that can help clean that muck off.

    Brother P-Touch

    If you're using a Brother P-Touch printer there are a selection of TZe cleaning tapes that can be used to clean the print head. Here's the selection of sizes:

    • TZe-CL3 12mm cleaning tape
    • TZe-CL4 18mm cleaning tape
    • TZe-CL6 36mm cleaning tape


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  4. Using BarTender With Brother QL & Dymo LabelWriter Printers

    Please note: the following tutorial will not work with BarTender Ultralite. The minimum edition requirement required is BarTender Basic.

    BarTender is well known for working with our LabelStation printers, Zebra, TEC and TSC printers. One question that has come to my attention, is whether or not it would work with lower budget printers such as Brother and Dymo. Obviously this needed to be investigated. I'm using BarTender Enterprise Automation, which is the highest edition available, but this tutorial will work with all editions except for Ultralite.

    Does it actually work?

    The short answer is yes, it works like a charm. The long answer is yes, but you need to set everything yourself. Don't be put off by the long answer. This would be the same case if you were using the BarTender software with a LabelStation, Zebra or

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  5. Tyre Labelling Solution: LabelStation & Fastyre Labels

      What is Fastyre?

      Fastyre is the name given to a label material that is suitable for applying to unusual surfaces such as rubber tyres. Tyre shops, like any other shop, need to label up their stock with barcodes, prices, makes, models, sizes, and even the EU fuel efficiency, noise and wet grip rating.

     Test: Paper, vinyl and Fastyre on a tyre

      Check out the video below. Here you can see me applying 3 different label types to a tyre. I leave the labels in place for a few hours for the adhesive to to get a good grip. I then come back a while later to attempt to remove the labels and see how they hold up.

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  6. Brother P-Touch Editor: High Speed - Standard - High Resolution

    If you've used the Brother P-Touch Editor for Windows or Mac, you may have noticed one, two or all three of the following print modes:

    • Standard
    • High Speed
    • High Resolution

    Depending on the printer and the labels you're printing onto, you might be given a choice from the default "Standard" option. But what benefits do these other options give over the default setting?

    High Speed

    Without stating the obvious too much, this setting will print the labels as quickly as possible depending on the labels and printer. For example: the PT-P900W with a HGe tape will be able to print a lot faster than usual.

    "Why not use this option all the time?"The down side to printing with the higher speed is the reduction in quality. This isn't on purpose, but it is a side effect of printing really

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  7. Tutorial: Roland VersaWorks Variable Data, Setting Font, Size, Colour & Position Globally

    The Roland DG VersaWorks software is perfect for printing single data labels, but it is powerful enough to handle variable data printing from a database source such as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV. Variable data means changing text and/or images in a label design based on what's in each row of the database. This is particularly useful as it can save you valuable time as you only need to make one label design to produce a selection of different labels. The example below is a PAT label printed with a serial number, name initials, test date, and company name.

    1. Design the label

    I've designed the PAT label I want and added rectangles where the variable data is to be placed. These boxes must have no fill, but the line must be this thick:

    • Illustrator: 0.25
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  8. LabelStation Industrial with Fitted Rewinder - Updated Video

    Our LabelStation Industrial Label Printer has the option for a unique factory-fitted, built-in label roll rewinder. Below are a couple examples of why you would need an internal rewinder on this printer.

    Example 1: PAT Labels

    Problem You're an electrician who does PAT testing. You currently write on each label by hand at the time of testing. With the growth of your business and more tests to do you're starting to get lazy and messy with the details on each label to keep up with demand. Even writing them at home in the evenings isn't solving a problem. Solution You buy a LabelStation Industrial 300 with a factory-fitted internal rewinder. You design the label on
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