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  1. Dymo Rhino 4200 Review

    The Dymo Rhino 4200 has been around for a long time. I thought it would be worth doing this little review as it's a great value printer for what it does. As I type this, the printer is on offer at £34.49 +VAT with free standard delivery, which puts it in great competition with the Brother PT-E series. This print features a great selection of tape materials and printable label types for any electrician or communications installer.


    Information about the features of this printer are very sparse. This is what I've found from the Dymo specification sheet:

    • QWERTY keyboard.
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  2. Adjusting the Offset in BarTender

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    The following instructions assume you have the same size selvedge (wastestrip or exposed backing paper) on either side of the labels.

    If you labels are printing to one side or too high/low follow these instructions from the video.

    Too high or too low:

    1. Go to “File” and “Print”.
    2. Click “Document Properties”.
    3. Go to the “Stock” tab.
    4. Change the “Gap Offset” under “Media Settings”.
    5. The number is in millimeters and must not be a negative number. If you enter a negative number it will reset to “0.0mm”.
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  3. How to Adjust the Font Size

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    1. Select the textbox
    2. In the toolbar at the top you can change the font size from one of the presets or you can type your own value
    3. This feature can also be accessed by doubling clicking on the textbox to open its properties
    4. If the textbox is a single line (no alignment options selected) you can adjust the size by grabbing and dragging a corner or edge
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  4. Duplicating Data Across One Label

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    1. To have two identical copies of data on one label double click on the first object to open its properties
    2. Assign it with a unique but traceable “Object Name” (you’ll need this later)
    3. Click “Close” and double click the second object to open its properties
    4. Under “Data Sources” change the “Type” from “Embedded Data” to “Object Value” and select the “Object Name” as the unique traceable name from the first object.
    5. Click “Finish” and “Close”.
    6. The data you change in the first object will be duplicated into
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  5. Inserting Symbols into BarTender

    Inserting Symbols into BarTender

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    1. Click the “A” icon to open the drop-list.
    2. Select “Symbol Font Characters”.
    3. Click the “Font” drop-list and choose a gallery.
    4. Scroll through the selection of symbols from that font, select one and click “Insert”.
    5. Click the symbol into the label then resize and reposition it.
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