1. Dymo Label Printers & Dymo Labels

    Dymo Label Printers

    Dymo label printers have been around for decades. Since the early days of the manual embossing tools the Dymo name has been synonymous with quality and reliability. The current range of Dymo label printers still includes the embossing tools but primarily features electronic label printers for the B2B, SME and home office markets. The Dymo label printer is a common sight on desks due to the lower prices of ranges like the Dymo LabelWriter and the Dymo LabelManager.

    Dymo Labelwriter

    Dymo LabelWriter Printers

    The current generation of Dymo LabelWriters are the most comprehensive range yet. With six models to choose from it’s without doubt that the LabelWriter 450 Turbo is the most popular. The current line-up includes the Dymo XL which offers a maximum print width of 100mm (4”) making it ideal for large shipping labels or

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  2. Brady Printers and Brady labels

    Brady logo

    Brady offer a complete line of robust, high quality printers and labels. Their high performance products will help you get the job done fast and efficiently. Brady labels are smudge proof and resistant to peeling and fading, meaning that they will remain adhered even in extreme temperatures.

    Brady Label Printers

    Brady have an enviable reputation for having some of the best in class labelling solutions worldwide. As a global company their reach into the labelling market place is enviable. Brady label printers offer the biggest choice of label printers available. From handheld printers for use in the field by service and engineering teams to bench top thermal transfer labelling systems for manufacturing and laboratories.

    Brady Labels

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  3. Brother label printers and Brother labels

    Brother P-Touch Labeller

    The Brother P-touch labelling machines create tough laminated labels for your home, office and business in a variety of colours and sizes range. Producing Brother labels up to 36mm wide which are ideal to identify home items such as CDs and children's school accessories; office items such as notice boards and ID badges. Specialist Brother labels are also available for gardening label printer and professional electricians brother labels.

    Brother Ql-800

    Brother QL Labeller

    Brother QL label printers print high quality, easy-to-read paper brother labels for your office with no waste. Produce professional brother labels in black on white and black on yellow in a variety of die-cut media such as address, shipping and CD labels. Continuous media allows you to create highly visible signage for warehouse racking and locations.

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  4. Dymo Labelwriter Label Printer Range

    The Dymo LabelWriter range has been around for many years and is still as popular as ever. It’s just a great low cost, versatile desktop labelling solution which appeals to everyone from the home user to a large warehouse.

    From the very first models, the functionality of the LabelWriters hasn't changed apart from the cosmetic appearance. The speed at which a single address label can be produced has, in our opinion, been the key factor in the Dymo LabelWriters success. The Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo is extremely quick when it comes to the “first label out” and short to medium print runs of labels will be output in no time.

    Dymo have produced a good selection of labels to use with the LabelWriters. The most popular sizes are the standard and large address labels but it is worth remembering that small sizes such as the 19mm x 51mm Multi-Purpose labels (part number S0722550) can be used to create barcode labels, part number labels, even file or folder labels.

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  5. Brother QL Printer 2019

    Brother QL Printer Range 2019

    Brother QL Label Printers are ideal for the home or office, printing high quality labels and at high volumes if required. Designed to sit on a desktop, they are connected to your computer via cable or with the Wifi option on some models. They are very simple to set up and use, with a high speed print output for busy offices.

    There are several different models within the QL range, the 700, 800 and 1100 series; each of which has a choice of different options available. The included P-Touch software also makes designing your labels a breeze, with an array of borders, images and barcodes included that are suitable for almost any requirement.

    Brother QL-800

    QL-700 Series - The older Brother QL-700 series of label printers are ideal for printing name badges, address labels, CD/DVD labels and barcodes quickly, producing

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  6. Brother P-Touch 2019

    The Brother P-Touch Label Printer range 2019

    This post aims to provide an overview of the current Brother P-Touch range.

    Brother make a wide range of label printers, both handheld label printers and desktop label printers. The handheld printers are the Brother P-Touch range, whilst the desktop label printers are the QL label printers.

    The low cost handheld range or small desktop printers are aimed at home and hobby users who want the ability to print a one off or short runs of labels such as school children’s name labels. Despite these printers having a low price tag and are a little light on features, they still use Brothers outstanding self-adhesive TZe tapes (formerly known as TZ tapes). This means that all the labels you print benefit from having the durable laminated layer protecting the text. One limitation of these entry level printers is the tape size is limited to just 3.5mm to 12mm, that’s ok for name labels and general domestic use but anyone nee

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  7. Brother Electrical Printer Comparison

    Brother Handheld Electrical Printers

    There are four models in the Brother electrical range, all of which start with 'PT-E' in the model number which are ideal for electrical and datacomm professionals.

    Below is a table comparison between the PT-E100, PT-E300 and PT-E550W:

    Features PT-E100 PT-E300 PT-E550W
    Screen Small, 1 line Large, backlit, multi-line Large, backlit, multi-line
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  8. Glossary

    The labelling industry can be a complex one.  There are many terms and words which may be unfamiliar to those ouside of the business.  This glossary features brief descriptions of commonly used phrases and terms.

    Asset Label

    Labels that are used for helping to identify, track and control equipment and other valuable assets. These labels are often made of a metalised label material which makes them more durable and tear resistant.

    Barcode Scanner

    A device that reads barcodes. A light source is directed at the printed barcode which is used to translate optical impulses into electrical impluses. Popular types of scanner are Pen, Laser & CCD. In recent years cameras on most smartphones have been able

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  9. How to Setup Printers with Loop Locks

    Even when using one of our Labelstations to print on our loop locks, they can always seem a little tricky to set up first time. Here I will go through the details of setting up a loop lock template and how to adjust margins and sensor settings.

    Our loop locks always feed off with the holes (or the “locks”) first. This doesn’t make it any easier or harder to setup but it is worth noting this should you wish to print on both sides.
    Looking at the diagrams below you will see that the actual tag length (A) differs from what the printer thinks is the tag length (B). This is because of the “locking” design (C & D). The “notch” (C) for the lock is also the gap for sensing where the tag starts and finishes. The remainder of the locking design (D) will be set as an unprintable area or “margin” which will in turn leave the printing area (E) for your label design.

    Ensure that your gap sensor in your printer is in alignment with any of the notches (C). If you’re using a

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  10. New A4 labels for Inkjet and Laser Printers

    Introducing our newest addition to our A4 label range. Sometimes, it can be more cost effective to print through your laser/inkjet printer instead of a label printer. For example: if you're printing very small batches of labels or not printing labels very frequently, A4 labels might be the better option. Our selection of A4 labels come in a popular variety of materials and colours.

    Materials, colours and adhesives

    The table below shows a selection of colours and materials of the labels we do. The table also shows which type of printer the A4 sheets should work with.*

    Material & colour Copier Inkjet Laser
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