1. Leitz Icon Label Printer Overview & Compare

    I've had a hands on test of a Leitz Icon label printer. Here I'm going to give a quick run down of it's features and how it compares with it's competition, whilst also giving my personal unbiased opinion.


    It claims to print up to 200 labels per minute which is very fast but I have yet to test this which I will explain why later. You have two print qualities. Fast at 300x300dpi or better quality (slightly slower) of 300x600dpi. It has a built-in fully automatic fast electric cutter. It's about as fast as a Brother QL-700! Prints paper and plastic labels up to 88mm wide. USB and WiFi for connectivity. Works on Windows, MAC and iOS. Optional battery pack attachment to make it fully portable (unfortunately I didn't get to try this option).


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  2. P-Touch E100VP Unboxing Review

    See below for an unboxing and brief overview video of the Brother P-Touch E100VP label printer kit.


    • 2 line printing
    • Preset label formats for cable and wire marking
    • Cable Wrap Mode
    • Cable Flag Mode
    • Face Plate Mode
    • 168 symbols
    • 15 font sizes
    • 9 type styles

    Value pack includes:

    • 1x 12mm Black on yellow strong adhesive tape
    • AC adaptor
    • Carry case
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  3. P-Touch E300VP Unboxing Review

    See below for an unboxing and brief overview video of the Brother P-Touch E300VP label printer kit.


    • 7 fonts & 7 print styles
    • Barcode function
    • 50 memory areas
    • Sequential numbering/alpha
    • Smart Label Keys for General, Faceplate, Cable Wrap, Heat Shrink Tube, Self-laminated, Cable Flag, Patch Panel & Punch Down Block
    • 5 Print Lines

    Value pack includes:

    • 1x 18mm Black on yellow strong adhesive tape
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
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  4. P-Touch E550WVP Unboxing & Overview

    The Brother P-Touch E550WVP comes in a hard carry case, giving it a high quality professional look. The case comes tightly closed with robust plastic clips that click together.

    Inside the case is a the usual instruction manual in a plastic bag along with the software CD, quick start guide and transparent ruler/guide located inside a little pocket. The power adaptor, USB cable, battery and TZ tapes are each in their own little cut-outs inside the case so there’s no chance of misplacing or losing something while packing up after a job

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  5. Brother P-Touch PT-E550W

    Calling all electricians! Give your expert work the professional look it deserves.

    Once again I've been lucky enough to get my grubby paws on another fantastic printer before it hits the shelves. Brother's P-Touch E550W is the new big boy of their hand-held label printers. Targeted mainly at electricians, this printer is going to be a big hit on the market as it's packed full of features and is a very affordable competitor on the current market.

    Here is a rundown of the main features this printer has to offer:

    • Rubber clicky QWERTY keyboard. Unlike their previous, cheaper and competitor's models the rubber buttons click to confirm its been fully pressed, almost like a mechanical
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  6. LabelStation Pro label printer with peel and present

    What does it do?

    When a print job is sent to the printer, it will print the first label whilst peeling the backing paper away simultaneously. The internal sensor will detect when the peeled label is removed and continue to print the rest of the queue (if any) using the same method.

    Below is a flow diagram to best explain the process between pressing print and getting labels.

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  7. Brady BMP41 Overview

    This is the Brady BMP41 hand-held label printer, Brady's latest mobile printer. Launched late 2013, this printer came flying into the stream bursting with features and functionality. With it's price tag between the BMP21 and BMP51 and it's functionality between the BMP51 and BMP71, this printer is boasting to be the best. Brady set the benchmark when it comes to usability. I found it very easy to print 5 sequential barcodes by pressing only 12 buttons, from power-on to print in under 15 seconds! The clear display is backlit and has a higher DPI than equivalent Dymo and Brother models. The backlight is active from the first time you switch the printer on which is helpful as it saves hunting around for the buttons if you're already in a low-light environment. If you're not in complete darkness and would like to save some battery power, you can always switch it off. The rubber keyboard clicks so you

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  8. Brother QL/TD Label Printers Comparison

    The following printers all have USB and RS232. They also print very quickly onto DK rolls up to 102mm wide and have built-in automatic cutters.

    The Brother QL-1050 Label Printer is the most basic of these printers. With all the above details that are the same across the range. The Brother QL-1060N Label Printer is the same as the 1050 but also has Ethernet connection. The Brother TD-4000 Label Printer doesn't print onto DK rolls but will in fact print on to Brother's RD labels. Its maximum print width is 102mm but labels of any size can be used. Even bespoke sizes that are not immediately available off the shelf! None of these printers have Wifi but the QL-1060N can connect via a wire to a wireless network and other wireless devices can print to it. Please note that some printers have been discontinued and replaced with the following:

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  9. Brother Desktop Label Printer Comparison

    These products are discontinued. For our full range of current printers please click here.

    *Print speeds: Fast = 10mm per second.

    The Brother P-Touch 1290DT label printer is the second cheapest P-Touch printer that features an easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard. It provides a wide, clear LCD display, a selection of two fonts and will print up to two lines quickly on TZ tapes between 3.5 and 12mm. This printer will also power from the included mains adaptor or 6 AAA batteries. It is one of a very limited

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  10. Hand-Held P-Touch label Printer Comparison

    These products are discontinued. For our full range of current printers please click here.

    Print speeds: Medium = 7mm per second. Fast = 10mm per second. The P-Touch 90 label printer is the only printer available that prints on to "M" tape giving a limited selection of colours and sizes. It is, however, the cheapest P-Touch that features a QWERTY keyboard making it easier to use if you’ve ever used a computer (reading this would indicate you’ve used a computer at

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