1. Teardown: LabelStation Pro Cutter

    Next up in the limelight of destruction is a guillotine cutter for a LabelStation Pro200 / Pro300. Actually, that's a lie, it's not destruction, it's education. Each and every teardown is put back together to a working condition. They are not sold or scrapped. They are kept as working demos for our trade counter. There's very little needed to tear one of these apart but it is something I have to do on occasion to clean the adhesive from the blades and give a service.Attempting to repair/service your cutter unit yourself will void your warranty of it and we cannot accept any responsibility for injury, damage and/or loss of assets. Please proceed with caution.The tools you'd need for this are as follows:

    • Medium flathead screwdriver
    • Small crosshead screwdriver
    • Large crosshead screwdriver
    • Wire cutters
    • Thin rubber gloves

    For cleaning you'd also need:

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  2. Teardown: LabelStation Pro200 / Pro300

    This is the first of a series of teardowns I'm looking to document. These are both for educational purposes (such as doing repairs yourself) and also for entertainment as I for one find teardowns very interesting. Since a young age I've always enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work, and it seems I haven't grown out of that. Here we'll look at what tools you'd need to take apart a LabelStation Pro200, how easy it is, and why you'd need to take it to pieces in the first place. The Pro200 is more or less the same as the Pro300 and their network attached equivalents. I'll point out any differences as I go along. The tools you'd need and a couple I would recommend to take the printer apart and put it back together again:

    • Medium cross head screwdriver
    • Large cross head screwdriver
    • Medium flat head screwdriver
    • Small wire cutters
    • Long tweezers
    • Anti-static wrist strap and a ground source
    • Some small pots (to keep
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