Our LabelStation printers ship with the latest available version of BarTender Ultralite, which is registered to the printer and can be installed on all computers needed for your requirement. This is perfect for our networked LabelStation printers.

Here’s a quick run down of the features BarTender Ultralite label design software:

  • Intuitive and Familiar Layout
  • Huge Font Selection
  • Advanced Text and Barcode Properties
  • Advanced Serialisation Options
  • Industrial Symbols and Shapes Selection
  • Insert your own logos, symbols and pictures
  • Advanced Data Entry Design
  • Quick Access to Printer Settings

Huge Font Selection

The font you use not only helps get the message across, it can be used to incorporate your brand’s uniqueness and match your company logo.

BarTender comes equipped with a huge selection of fonts including fonts suitable for high-speed character recognition. Font styles include but are not limited to: bold, italic, inverted, underline, border, and more!

Advanced Text and Barcode Properties

Textboxes and barcodes can have advanced options such as:

  • General Text
    General text input for titles, descriptions, paragraphs and more.
    • Data Source
      • Type: “Embedded Data”
      • Embedded data: The text to be inputted
    • Data Type
      • Type: Text
    • Transforms
      • Character Filter: Limited specific types of characters, automatically convert to upper or lowercase, add masks.
      • Truncation: Automatically trim/discard/keep characters to left or right of data.
      • Number of Characters: Require a minimum number of characters or limit the maximum number of characters.
      • Search and Replace: Automatically search the data for your required value and replace with another value.
      • Serialization: Increment or decrement an alphanumeric string to serialize data across a set of labels.
      • Prefix and suffix: Add additional data to the start and/or finish of the inputted data.
  • Clock
    Pulls the current time and date from your computer. Uses included manufacturing times and “best before” dates.
    • Data Source
      • Type: “Clock”
    • Data Type
      • Type
      • “Date”: Date and time in a selection of formats
      • “Time”: Time only in a selection of formats
    • Locale: Set the language and prefered format of the data.
    • Format: Choose the format to display the data.
    • Pattern: Set your own format.
    • Time Zone: Set the timezone for the data.
  • Transforms
    • Offset: Add or subtract time to or from the data. For example: add 3 days.
  • External File
    Pull data from an external file such as a text (.txt) document.

Advanced Serialisation Options

Perfect for manufacturing and testing. BarTender is equipped with the advanced serialization features that include the following:

  • Incrementing number
  • Decrementing number
  • Alphanumeric strings
  • Automatically convert to upper or lowercase
  • Automatically skip l’s, I’s and O’s to avoid confusion with 0’s and 1’s
  • Automatically preserve the number of characters
  • How many labels to serialise
  • How many copies of each serialised label
  • When to reset such as reaching a certain number, a new job or when a date changes, and what value to reset to

Industrial Symbols and Shapes Selection

BarTender is full of symbols required for packaging, food, safety, electrical and more. All the symbols can be inserted quickly and easily into any label design.
Using vectorised font technology, each and every symbol that comes with BarTender Ultralite for LabelStation can be scaled from tiny PCB labels, to humongous outdoor and warehouse signage with no distortion or pixelation.
BarTender also comes with a large selection of shapes, each of which is highly customizable such as arrows, borders, banners, circles, arches, stars and more!

Insert your own logos, symbols and pictures

Compatible with all common types of imaging formats, and with different dithering options for control over print quality, BarTender can import your specialised symbols and custom company logos easily with no fuss.
Simply drag your image file into the label design area, resize, move and you’re done! Your company logo is important to your brand and image; don’t miss out on such an opportunity.

Advanced Data Entry Design

One of the many fantastic features of BarTender Ultralite is the advanced data entry form. Design your very own data entry window. This will popup when you press print requiring the user to enter the information to be printed.
As you can see from the above example, our warehouse operators are required to enter the part number, description, size of labels, roll quantity and how many part number labels are to be printed. All the data can be inputted manually or selected from the pre-filled drop-down list.
Many more features and a lot more customisation can be applied to the data entry form to fulfill your needs, or it can be left as simple as a few textboxes.

Quick Access to Printer Settings

All the advanced printer settings can be found just a few clicks away.
Change the print type, speed and density quickly and easily to produce the highest quality of print.
Adjust gap size and offset to align your labels correctly.
Change dithering options for graphics for better clarity of your logos, symbols and images.


If you’re looking for a labelling solution that is fast, powerful and intuitive, then you should look no further than a LabelStation. It’s both easy to use and packed full of advanced features. Don’t let the vast selection of models overwhelm you; call our knowledgeable sales team to choose the right solution for you.