Brother Handheld Electrical Printers

There are four models in the Brother electrical range, all of which start with 'PT-E' in the model number which are ideal for electrical and datacomm professionals.

Below is a table comparison between the PT-E100, PT-E300 and PT-E550W:

Features PT-E100 PT-E300 PT-E550W
Screen Small, 1 line Large, backlit, multi-line Large, backlit, multi-line
Tape sizes 3.5 to 12mm 3.5 to 18mm 3.5 to 24mm
DPI 180 180 180
Lines of print 2 5 7
Cutter Manual Manual Automatic with part cut
Battery 6x AAA Li-Ion Rechargeable Li-Ion Rechargeable
Mains power adaptor ✘ / ✔
Connectivity USB USB & WiFi
Memory 720 characters 50 files & 2400 characters 99 files & 18,297 characters
Symbols 168 384 384
Label types 3 7 7
Case ✘ / ✔
Size (W x H x D)
110 x 207 x 60 mm 132 x 218 x 68 mm 123 x 247 x 84 mm
390 g 840 g 1.16 kg

Brother PT-E100

This is the entry model in the Brother P-Touch handheld Electrical range. It’s perfect for small labelling jobs such as cable wrap/flag, fuse boards, and anything else that needs serialized numbers. View the full product description of the PT-E100 by clicking here.

Brother PT-E300

With a large selection of barcodes and printing on tapes up to 18mm wide, this printer is certainly a big jump from the PT-E100. Featuring a larger screen, QWERTY keyboard, rechargeable battery and a huge selection of printable label types this printer is a more serious approach the electrical labeling. Click here for more information on the Brother PT-E300.

Brother PT-E550W

This is the perfect printer for the professional Electrician or Datacomms engineer. With a fully automatic cutter that part-cuts your labels, printing your labels has never been easier and tidier. With a large backlit display you can preview each label before you print; saving you time and money. For more information on the Brother PT-E550W, click here.