Brother have released a new type of label tape for their P-Touch series. This new tape will only work with a select few printers, but it says on the top of the printer if it will accept these new cartridges.

Let’s first have a look at the entire range before talking about these new tapes:

  • TZe-***
    These are the normal tapes that come in a huge selection of sizes and colours. They are laminated and are a good all-rounder.
  • TZe-B***Same as above, but specifically fluorescent colours.
  • TZe-FA*
    Non-laminated, iron-on label in 1 size and 1 colour.
  • TZe-FX***
    These tapes are laminated and extra flexible for curved surfaces and wrapping around cables and pipes. They only come in 2 choices of colours, but many sizes.
  • TZe-S***
    These are laminated, but with a stronger adhesive. These tapes only come in 3 colour choices.
  • TZe-N***
    Some applications might require a non-laminated tape. That’s where these tapes come in. They come in a few different sizes, but only 1 colour.
  • TZe-SE*
    This tape is laminated with a tamper evident adhesive which leaves a pattern behind on both the label and applied surface if it is tampered with. This tape comes in only 1 colour and size.
  • HGe-***
    The high grade tapes are very much like the extra strong tapes as they feature the same adhesive. The label material and ribbon combination used with the right printer means that options can be chosen for much higher print speeds and much quality resolution of print.
  • HSe-***
    Heat shrink tubing is a printable tube that a cable is fed through. The tubing can then be heated up to shrink it to the cable so it doesn’t move around. This comes in a few different sizes and in 1 colour.

* = single number digit

What’s a FLe tape?

FLe labels are a die-cut cable flag. These tapes can only be used in a select few printers such as the the PT-P900W and the PT-P970NW. They are a 2-part label comprising of the following: 2 cable wrap tags and 1 printed label that folds over itself.

There are various ways to apply this label to cables which include using 1 or both of the cable wrap tags. Below are some picture examples and instructions of how to apply the FLe labels.

Classic flag

Sideways flag

Sideways flag offset

Secure sideways flag

Cable loop

The labels seem to only come in one size, but it’s not clear on what size that is.
There’s a choice of 3 colours with part numbers to match:

  • FLe-2511 White
  • FLe-6511 Yellow
  • FLe-7511 Green

Lack of information doesn’t tell us what the colour of the print is, but I would guess it would be black. I don’t see there being many more colour combinations on their way.

Other information I do have is that there are 72 labels per cartridge, but that seems to be all I can find out.

We’ll keep you posted as to when these labels are available to purchase, but as of right now they are very late to the market.