Brother P-Touch Labeller

The Brother P-touch labelling machines create tough laminated labels for your home, office and business in a variety of colours and sizes range. Producing Brother labels up to 36mm wide which are ideal to identify home items such as CDs and children's school accessories; office items such as notice boards and ID badges. Specialist Brother labels are also available for gardening label printer and professional electricians brother labels.

Brother Ql-800

Brother QL Labeller

Brother QL label printers print high quality, easy-to-read paper brother labels for your office with no waste. Produce professional brother labels in black on white and black on yellow in a variety of die-cut media such as address, shipping and CD labels. Continuous media allows you to create highly visible signage for warehouse racking and locations.

Brother Labels

Brother have tested their labels to the extreme to ensure that the Brother tapes you get are to the highest quality and serves the purpose you are looking for with Abrasion Resistant, Chemical resistant, easy peel, fade resistant, laminated, temperature resistant & water resistant

TZe Tape

Brother TZ Tapes

Brother TZ Tapes are compatible with the Brother Labeller PT range and depending on which brother labeller printer, the Brother labels are available in 6 widths of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36mm. The Brother TZ tapes come in wide range of different label material such as, fluorescent TZ tapes, laminated TZ tapes, iron-on transfer TZ tapes, flexi ID TZ tapes, non laminated TZ tapes, strong adhesive TZ tapes, fabric TZ tapes, security TZ tapes, all of which a massive variety of applications.

DK Labels

Brother DK Labels

Brother DK labels for the Brother QL range label printers come in two types either continuous-length DK Tapes or pre-sized die-cut DK labels.