The Brother P-Touch Label Printer range 2019

This post aims to provide an overview of the current Brother P-Touch range.

Brother make a wide range of label printers, both handheld label printers and desktop label printers. The handheld printers are the Brother P-Touch range, whilst the desktop label printers are the QL label printers.

The low cost handheld range or small desktop printers are aimed at home and hobby users who want the ability to print a one off or short runs of labels such as school children’s name labels. Despite these printers having a low price tag and are a little light on features, they still use Brothers outstanding self-adhesive TZe tapes (formerly known as TZ tapes). This means that all the labels you print benefit from having the durable laminated layer protecting the text. One limitation of these entry level printers is the tape size is limited to just 3.5mm to 12mm, that’s ok for name labels and general domestic use but anyone needing a larger label is going to find these products very restrictive.

Brother PT-H500

Moving up the P-touch range to mid-range label printers such as the PT-D450 give the user tape sizes from 3.5mm to 18mm. Although still popular with the domestic user due to the relatively low price, the mid-range label printers are a bit more useful for commercial labelling as they allow users to create several lines of text plus there is a wide choice of fonts and print styles.

When there is a requirement to print larger labels, the top end P-Touch printers such as the PT-P950NW and PT-P900W are class leaders. Both models will accept all sizes of TZe tapes up to the largest 36mm size. These flagship products have excellent print quality and are packed with features including the ability to be driven via Brother’s P-Touch Editor Label Design & Print software (included free of charge). The Brother P-Touch range of label printers have been around for over 25 years. The very first P-Touch electronic label printers were hand held, simple devices, had limited functionality and could only use label tape sizes up to 12mm. These basic hand held label printers were the first low cost labelling systems to reach out to both home users and businesses alike.

Within a couple of years of the their launch Brother introduced one of the most successful label printer models, the PT-8000, with its full size QWERTY keyboard, this model was the flagship labeller but at priced at just under £500 it was mainly businesses that were using them. This has now been discontinued and replaced by the PT-D800VP. In recent years, the cost of even the top end P-Touch label printers has dramatically dropped to the point where high end products such as the Brother PT-E550WVP is now around £125.