The Dymo LabelWriter range has been around for many years and is still as popular as ever. It’s just a great low cost, versatile desktop labelling solution which appeals to everyone from the home user to a large warehouse.

From the very first models, the functionality of the LabelWriters hasn't changed apart from the cosmetic appearance. The speed at which a single address label can be produced has, in our opinion, been the key factor in the Dymo LabelWriters success. The Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo is extremely quick when it comes to the “first label out” and short to medium print runs of labels will be output in no time.

Dymo have produced a good selection of labels to use with the LabelWriters. The most popular sizes are the standard and large address labels but it is worth remembering that small sizes such as the 19mm x 51mm Multi-Purpose labels (part number S0722550) can be used to create barcode labels, part number labels, even file or folder labels.

Dymo 99014

Two of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Dymo labels are about the durability of the label itself and also if the LabelWriters can print in colour. Firstly, the Dymo labels use direct thermal print technology so there nothing to replace apart from the actual labels. No ink, no toner. The only downside is that direct thermal labels do have a limited lifespan so we wouldn’t recommend using the LabelWriter labels in situations where a label needs to have any water resistance, UV resistance or general longevity. However for short term labelling on boxes, envelopes, files, etc this type of label is idea. For a more durable and longer life label, Dymo now offer the LW Durable range of plastic labels which resist moisture and some chemicals.

Secondly, the question about Dymo LabelWriters printing in colour in some respects relates to the first point above. LabelWriters use direct thermal labels and this results in a black print. There is no option to add a coloured print to these labels (custom pre-printed labels with colour logos are available – please ask for a quote). Direct thermal printing is a very simple process. It involves a heat source (in this case the print head of the LabelWriter printer) and the labels have a heat sensitive coating. As the labels pass over the print head the heat reacts with the top coat on the label and turns black. The clever part is the software that controls the print head in order to create human readable characters!!

LabelWriter Pro’s:

  • Cheap to buy
  • Ideal for short label runs
  • No ink or toner
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Fast, simple printing
  • Fabulous label design& print software included
  • A limited range of durable labels for external use.

LabelWriter Con’s:

  • Limited range of label sizes
  • Labels not water resistant
  • Not suitable for long-life labelling (apart from the durable range)
  • Label sizes are limited on all but the 4XL printer.

Its fair to say that the Dymo LabelWriters have been a constant best seller for years, their low buy price and easy to software has kept them at the forefront of budget label printers.   The 3 year warranty has also been a great asset to the product too.    Although with very little to go wrong, its comforting to know that you have the back up of a manufacturers warranty despite the highly relaible track record of these printers.

If you are considering purchasing a Dymo LabelWriter the new wireless printers are definately worth considering.

Updated 16th March 2019