As you are probably all aware, we have launched a new website.

If you are having problems logging in to the Labelzone site with your old password you will need to request a new one.

This is because we were not able to transfer your secure password from the old site to the new site.  

All you need to do is request a new password. Simply use the password reset link and an email will then be sent to you with a password reset link.


Existing Customers: For customers who had accounts on the old site, we have transferred customer accounts over to the new site.

For security reasons, we do not have access to your passwords, so cannot transfer them over to the new website. Therefore on your first to our new site you will need to reset your password (your old password from the old site will no longer work).

You will only need to do this once (unless you forget your password).

New Customers: Please create a new account and password.

Forgotten Password: Simply use the password reset link. An email will then be sent to you will a link to the site to reset your password.


If you get any problems, please call us on 01202 683212 and we will be happy to help.