The Brother P-Touch E550WVP comes in a hard carry case, giving it a high quality professional look. The case comes tightly closed with robust plastic clips that click together.

Inside the case is a the usual instruction manual in a plastic bag along with the software CD, quick start guide and transparent ruler/guide located inside a little pocket. The power adaptor, USB cable, battery and TZ tapes are each in their own little cut-outs inside the case so there’s no chance of misplacing or losing something while packing up after a job.

The printer steals the show as it's the largest item other than the case. Despite looking larger than its predecessor it's very comfortable to hold and only weighs 1.2Kg (including the rechargeable battery).

Installing the battery was easy. It only goes in one way (see image to the right) and the terminals are spring-loaded to hold the battery in place. The TZe tapes also only go in one way. The little pillars inside guide it into place while the little clips hold it there. As soon as you power on the printer for the first time it's ready to go. Start typing, press print and you've got your first label. Watch the video above for a demo of all the label types. For more detailed information about its specifications and useability. Mobile Apps See the video above for a demonstration of the mobile app. Click one of the buttons to the right to download the app now. Be sure to choose the correct make of your mobile device.