Struggling to find the TZe tape you need? Help is at hand with this useful TZe tape table. Choose the size, choose the colour, get the code! Search the code on Labelzone for the most competitive price on genuine Brother tapes.

3.5mm 6mm 9mm 12mm 18mm 24mm 36mm
White on Green TZe-MQG35
White on Light Grey TZe-MQL35
White on Berry Pink TZe-MQP35
Black on Clear TZe-111 TZe-121 TZe-131 TZe-141 TZe-151 TZe-161
Red on Clear TZe-132
Blue on Clear TZe-133
White on Clear TZe-135 TZe-145
Black on White TZe-211 TZe-221 TZe-231 TZe-241 TZe-251 TZe-261
Red on White TZe-222 TZe-232 TZe-242 TZe-252 TZe-262
Blue on White TZe-223 TZe-233 TZe-243 TZe-253 TZe-263
Gold on Black TZe-334 TZe-344 TZe-354
White on Black TZe-315 TZe-325 TZe-335 TZe-345 TZe-355 TZe-365
Black no Red TZe-421 TZe-431 TZe-441 TZe-451 TZe-461
White on Red TZe-435
Black on Blue TZe-521 TZe-531 TZe-541 TZe-551 TZe-561
White on Blue TZe-535
Black on Yellow TZe-611 TZe-621 TZe-631 TZe-641 TZe-651 TZe-661
Black on Green TZe-721 TZe-731 TZe-741 TZe-751
Black on Orange TZe-B31 TZe-B51
Black on Yellow TZe-C31 TZe-C51
Blue on White TZe-FA3
Black on White TZe-FX211 TZe-FX221 TZe-FX231 TZe-FX241 TZe-FX251 TZe-FX261
Black on Yellow TZe-FX611 TZe-FX621 TZe-FX631 TZe-FX641 TZe-FX651 TZe-FX661
Laminated Matt
Black on Clear TZe-M31
Black on Silver TZe-M931 TZe-M951 TZe-M961
Black on White TZe-N201 TZe-N221 TZe-N231 TZe-N241 TZe-N251
Extra Strong
Black on Clear TZe-S121 TZe-S131 TZe-S141 TZe-S151
Black on White TZe-S211 TZe-S221 TZe-S231 TZe-S241 TZe-S251 TZe-S261
Black on Yellow TZe-S621 TZe-S631 TZe-S641 TZe-S651
Black on White TZe-SE4
Heat Shrink
Black on White HSe-211 HSe-221 HSe-231 HSe-241 HSe-251
High Grade
Black on White HGe-211 HGe-231 HGe-241 HGe-251 HGe-261

The part numbers have changed from TZ and HG to TZe and HGe. The tapes have changed to fit the modern printers and the packaging has been reduced to prevent wastage. All tapes will fit and work in older printers.