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  1. LabelStation Design & Print Software Compare

    Caution: metaphors ahead.

    BarTender vs LabelDirect

    To compare these two brands of software is like comparing the M14 sports car made by the small British car manufacturer, Noble, to a BMW M5. They both the do same job but in a slightly different way. Both cars will get you from A-B but one will be more comfortable, have more gadgets, have more of a presence on the road and perform slightly better, while the other is cheaper and British. The software side-by-side has very much the same sort of aura about it. One is full of many advanced features, is easier to use, has a nicer user interface, while the other is more of an entry level product. Now allow me to elaborate on what I'm trying to say here.

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  2. LabelStation Design & Print Software Review: LabelDirect


    LabelDirect Basic is possibly the most user friendly labelling application on the market. This edition of LabelDirect has many features such as text, a modest range of shapes, images and 15 types of barcodes. It also has the ability for a user prompt at the time of print so data can be changed without physically altering anything in the label design itself. In addition to the fixed fonts available in the printer this software can introduce into your label any of the fully scalable fonts provided by Windows, making artistic layouts possible with the same ease as more businesslike layouts like the one shown below, which can be useful in the retail environment.


    The professional edition includes all

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  3. BarTender Ultralite Features - Introduction


    Our LabelStation printers ship with the latest available version of BarTender Ultralite, which is registered to the printer and can be installed on all computers needed for your requirement. This is perfect for our networked LabelStation printers.

    Here’s a quick run down of the features BarTender Ultralite label design software:

    • Intuitive and Familiar Layout
    • Huge Font Selection
    • Advanced Text and Barcode Properties
    • Advanced Serialisation Options
    • Industrial Symbols and Shapes Selection
    • Insert your own logos, symbols and pictures
    • Advanced Data Entry Design
    • Quick Access to Printer Settings

    Huge Font Selection

    The font you use not only helps get the message across, it can be used to incorporate your brand’s uniqueness and match your

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  4. Tutorial: Roland VersaWorks Variable Data, Setting Font, Size, Colour & Position Globally

    The Roland DG VersaWorks software is perfect for printing single data labels, but it is powerful enough to handle variable data printing from a database source such as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV. Variable data means changing text and/or images in a label design based on what's in each row of the database. This is particularly useful as it can save you valuable time as you only need to make one label design to produce a selection of different labels. The example below is a PAT label printed with a serial number, name initials, test date, and company name.

    1. Design the label

    I've designed the PAT label I want and added rectangles where the variable data is to be placed. These boxes must have no fill, but the line must be this thick:

    • Illustrator: 0.25
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  5. LabelStation Disc

    Our LabelStation label printers are fantastic printers full of features. They could be a little daunting to someone using it for the first time however if you have never used a computer or label printer before. To help you help get you up and running in minutes we have developed an easy-to-use installation disc.

    The disc is packed full of step by step tutorials, user guides and videos to help get you printing everything from basic labels to programming with the optional keyboard.

    The label design software1 works on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (and the soon to be released Windows 10). It's very easy to use with its office-like user interface. With it you can design almost every type of label imaginable.

    Disc includes:

    • Software and drivers.
    • User manuals and guides.
    • Step by step
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  6. Interview with John Poole from Image Computer Systems

    I decided the take the opportunity to ask the founder and director of Image Computer Systems, John Poole, a few questions about the company and the software they publish.

    I'm aware you make more than one type of software. What are they all called and could you summarize their different applications?

    EnLabel is a general purpose labelling software which will operate with any printer that has a Windows driver. This includes colour, laser, plotter, inkjet etc. Feedback from users of a wide range of labelling software complement it on its intuitive user interface and minimal mouse clicks to design and print. LabelDirect is easier to use and understand for Zebra, Datamax, SATO, Toshiba and TSC labelling printers as the printer setting are part of the design interface. Printing is in the printers native language so throughput cannot be any faster because we send less data. For examples barcodes are generated by the
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  7. LabelStation Design & Print Software Review: BarTender


    The Ultralite edition ships with every current LabelStation and is included in the price of the printer. The software will allow you to produce intricate labels at ease and works much like office-style software with all the familiar keyboard commands such as Ctrl+C for copy and Ctrl+V for paste on all objects. In addition to a selection of Printer fonts and all the usual Windows fonts, Ultralite can produce barcodes in more than 90 different types. During installation you will receive a selection of new fonts for icon and symbology insertion. The many symbols include, but are not limited to, electrical, safety and packaging. With these symbols being in font format, they are vectorised and therefore can be resized without the risk of quality loss. If you choose a networked printer, you'll be happy to know that this software can be installed on as many computers as required

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  8. How to Setup Printers with Loop Locks

    Even when using one of our Labelstations to print on our loop locks, they can always seem a little tricky to set up first time. Here I will go through the details of setting up a loop lock template and how to adjust margins and sensor settings.

    Our loop locks always feed off with the holes (or the “locks”) first. This doesn’t make it any easier or harder to setup but it is worth noting this should you wish to print on both sides.
    Looking at the diagrams below you will see that the actual tag length (A) differs from what the printer thinks is the tag length (B). This is because of the “locking” design (C & D). The “notch” (C) for the lock is also the gap for sensing where the tag starts and finishes. The remainder of the locking design (D) will be set as an unprintable area or “margin” which will in turn leave the printing area (E) for your label design.

    Ensure that your gap sensor in your printer is in alignment with any of the notches (C). If you’re using a

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  9. LabelStation BarTender Video Tutorial of the Month - 9

    This month's most popular video tutorial for BarTender users shows how to add a serial number field into you label design.

    If after viewing this video you need to refresh your memory, here is run down of the steps:
    1. Click the "A" drop-list.
    2. Select "Single Line".
    3. Click somewhere in the label design to insert the text box.
    4. Double-click the text box border to view its settings.
    5. Select the "Sample Text" under "Data Sources".
    6. Navigate to the "Data Source" tab and enter the default start number. This is temporary but helps define the number of characters, leading zeros (if any) and helps choose the correct size and location on the label des
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  10. NEW: BradyJet J5000 Full Colour Label Printer Overview

    Looking for a full colour, 8" wide label printer? Look no further than the BradyJet J5000. Featuring a full CMYK, 4800 DPI print resolution and a 16 million colour output. This printer also features the new Brady Workstation software to design and print your labels quickly and easily with a selection of downloadable apps. Connectivity from your computer to the printer can be done through a choice of USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi.


    • Full 16 million colour CMYK inkjet print.
    • Huge 4800 DPI print resolution.
    • USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi connectivity.
    • Min media width: 51mm
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