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  1. Update: Leitz Icon Label Printer Re-Review

    Leitz Icon Label Printer
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  2. 2016 Electrician Printers: Brother vs. Dymo

    In case you haven't seen any previous blog posts, the industrial Brother printer models start with "PT-E" and the industrial Dymo models start with "XTL". Here's a comparison of the 2016 models that will be on the market for the next few years. Use the checkboxes below to filter out different models of printers to help you compare fewer models.

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  3. Dymo Rhino 4200 Review

    The Dymo Rhino 4200 has been around for a long time. I thought it would be worth doing this little review as it's a great value printer for what it does. As I type this, the printer is on offer at £34.49 +VAT with free standard delivery, which puts it in great competition with the Brother PT-E series. This print features a great selection of tape materials and printable label types for any electrician or communications installer.


    Information about the features of this printer are very sparse. This is what I've found from the Dymo specification sheet:

    • QWERTY keyboard.
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  4. Colour Address Label Printer: Brother QL-800 & QL-810W Review

    First things first. It's not full colour, so please don't get too excited. However, it still is a fairly exciting thing because this a 2 colour printer that doesn't require any ink, toner or ribbon. This is the first twin colour direct thermal printer from Brother in the QL range, and the first in the market it's aimed at. As I'm reviewing 2 very similar printers at the same time, I'll review mostly the QL-800 and then mention any differences with the QL-810W.


    • 300x600 dpi print resolution
    • 93 labels per minute (110 labels per minute on the QL-810W)
    • Automatic Cutter
    • 62mm wide print
    • Prints black & red with DK-22251
    • USB connection (and Wi-Fi on the QL-810W)
    • Windows and Mac software included (downloadable Android &
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  5. DYMO XTL 300 Review & Compare

    DYMO XTL 300 Label Printer
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  6. Zebex Z-6010 Omnidirectional Laser Barcode Scanner Review

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  7. Dymo LabelManager 260P Review

    This product is discontinued. For our full range of current printers please click here.

    The Dymo LabelManager 260P is lightweight, fits snugly in your hand at 120 x 173 x 62mm, and is inviting to use. If you are a ‘qwerty’ keyboard orientated user then the alphabetically laid out keys of printers like this can initially slow down your typing, but how little this matters when there is so much compensation in the printer’s overall ease of use. The 260P uses the D

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  8. Brother P-Touch Industrial Desktop Label Printers Comparison

    These products are discontinued. For our full range of current printers please click here.

    The following printers can be connected to a computer via USB which will allow for extra fonts and font styles installed on the computer to be used. All printer-installed fonts are listed in the table below.

    Print speeds: Fast = 10mm per second. Very Fast = 20mm per second. Super Fast = 80mm per second on HG tape and 20mm per second on TZ tape. The Brother P-Touch
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  9. New Brady BMP61 - The TLS2200 Replacement

    The Brady TLS2200 was discontinued a while ago, but it has finally been replaced. Now for even better news: you can use almost all of your old labels with the new printer. Take a look at the new printers side-by-side. TLS2200 BMP61
    Size 108 x 102 x 292mm 107 x 106 x 328mm
    Weight 1.2kg
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  10. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Brother P-Touch D800W Printer Review
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