1. Changing the Print Method in BarTender (Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer)

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    Understanding the difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer.

    1. Click the “Print” icon.
    2. Click the “Document Properties” button.
    3. Go to the “Stock” tab.
    4. Under “Media Settings” see “Method”.
    5. “Use Current Printer Setting” – This is usually the default. This will continue to use the setting that are built-into the printer’s memory from the last setting change or factory defaults.
    6. “Direct Thermal” – This method is for printing o
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  2. Adding Serialisation to BarTender

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    1. Click the “A” drop-list.
    2. Select “Single Line”.
    3. Click somewhere in the label design to insert the text box.
    4. Double-click the text box border to view its settings.
    5. Select the “Sample Text” under “Data Sources”.
    6. Navigate to the “Data Source” tab and enter the default start number. This is temporary but helps define the number of characters, leading zeros (if any) and helps choose the correct size and location on the label design.
    7. Go to the “Data Type” tab. Set the “Type” to text.
    8. Now go to the “Transforms” tab. Under “Serialization”,
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  3. BarTender

    List of BarTender UltraLite features

    Example – Tyre Label
    Example – Fuzzi Line

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  4. New A4 labels for Inkjet and Laser Printers

    Introducing our newest addition to our A4 label range. Sometimes, it can be more cost effective to print through your laser/inkjet printer instead of a label printer. For example: if you're printing very small batches of labels or not printing labels very frequently, A4 labels might be the better option. Our selection of A4 labels come in a popular variety of materials and colours.

    Materials, colours and adhesives

    The table below shows a selection of colours and materials of the labels we do. The table also shows which type of printer the A4 sheets should work with.*

    Material & colour Copier Inkjet Laser
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  5. BarTender Print Portal App for Android and iOS

    Seagull Scientific have released an app for Android and Apple phones and tablets. I was going to have a play with this as soon as it was released, but I thought I'd let the dust settle just in case there were any bugs or unfinished features in the app (wishful thinking as there hasn't been any updates in nearly a year). I'd say it would be a wise choice to wait for the next version (BarTender 2017?) as today you will stumble into a plethora of teething problems.

    Setting up

    Firstly, a lot of the setting up is done through the "Web Print Portal" web page on the host machine which can be accessed locally through http://localhost/BarTender/. Once you can access it from another machine (by allowing the IIS option in Windows Firewall), you can continue setting it up, change other settings, and print

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  6. Using BarTender With Brother QL & Dymo LabelWriter Printers

    Please note: the following tutorial will not work with BarTender Ultralite (which is an edition supplied with some printers). The minimum edition required is BarTender Basic.

    BarTender is well known for working with our LabelStation printers, Zebra, TEC and TSC printers. One question that has come to my attention, is whether or not it would work with lower budget printers such as Brother and Dymo. Obviously this needed to be investigated. I'm using BarTender Enterprise Automation, which is the highest edition available, but this tutorial will work with all editions except for Ultralite.

    Does it actually work?

    The short answer is yes, it works like a charm. The long answer is yes, but you need to set everything yourself. Don't be put off by the long answer. This would be the same case if

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  7. Labelstation Pro200 / 300 Setup

    Installing Labels or other media

    1. Release the top of the printer by sliding the two light green tabs on the side towards the front (see image Step 1).
    2. When the printer "pops" open, lift gently then lower the entire top half for the arm to catch onto 1 of 2 notches that holds the top open (Step 2).
    3. Place the roll of labels onto the roll holder. If the media is on a 25mm core instead of 38mm, remove the 38mm core adaptors from the edge guides. If the media is on a 76mm core, attach the external roll holder to the rear of the printer and firmly feed the label spindle through the media core and feed through the back of the printer.
    4. Ensure the roll is central on the roll holder, and then feed the media under the first white roll (Step 3).
    5. Feed it under and between the two pale green label guides. Close these guides so that the media is snug in between them and can't move side to side (Step 4).
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  8. Zebra Support

    GC Series

    GK Series

    GX Series

    ZD Series

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  9. TSC Support




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  10. Seiko Support


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