A study carried out in Australia said that 4 out of 10 people feel anxiety, guilt or depression about the clutter in their home (source), whilst research performed in the UK by NEC-Mitsubishi suggests office workers are hit by "Irritable Desk Syndrome",  part of which can be due to a cluttered desk. Fear not, as help is at hand. Read our simple tips below, then enter the competition which follows this blog post to get your hands on one of tenBrother PT-1000s!

Arts / Crafts / Hobbies

Bonus tip: Colour code each type of item you're storing, it'll make them a lot easier to find in the future.

  • Organise your scrapbook (as above) or decorate your diary/journal
  • Containers for organise glue/paint/string/pins etc
  • Greeting & birthday card making
  • Photo albums
  • Sewing and knitting supplies

Kitchen Labelling

Bonus tip: Reorganise your freezer once a month to keep it tidy. Also, make sure your oldest items are together at the front.

  • Clearly label containers whether you're storing them in a pantry or freezing them;  the P-Touch TZ Tape range is designed to withstand hot and cold temperatures. Also, labelling food types that are difficult to distinguish (flour, for example) means quicker and easier identification.
  • Label jars and spices for more kitchen efficiency.
  • Utensil compartments
  • Add the date of freezing to perishable food - this way you ensure your food is eaten whilst the quality is still high (not to mention avoiding illness!)

Garage / Shed

Bonus tip: Add warning labels to chemicals / poisons - safety first!

  • Toolboxes / parts boxes - keep each section clearly labelled so you know what goes where
  • Racking / Shelving
  • Storage containers - a lifesaver at Christmas and other events
  • Keys

Computer Area / Home Office

  • Plugs, wires & USB cables - no more disconnecting the wrong devices!
  • Files and folders - keep on top of taxes, reports, drawers and more
  • Peripherals; ideal for memory sticks, portable hard drive
  • Serial numbers & IP addresses - great for networked printers
  • CDs / DVDs

Children / Back to School

Bonus tip: If your children share toys that are very similar, make sure they're labelled to prevent squabbles(or in some cases, all out war!)

  • Toyboxes & lunchboxes
  • School clothing (this requires an iron-on fabric tape, a prize included in the competition below)
  • Pencil cases / stationery
  • Exercise books
  • Sports equipment

Garden Labelling

Bonus tip: Get your kids involved by putting their names on pots of seedlings- make it fun!

  • Label plant pots to identify the seeds you've planted
  • Stick labels to tags and identify different types of flowers
  • Garden tools

And now for the competition!

We've got 10 Brother PT-1000s to give away, these slim handheld printers are ideal for all the tips we've shared above, plus anything else you can possibly think of! Each labeller will come with 2 tapes (including the fabric tape we mentioned earlier). To enter, simply post a tip that makes you more creative, organised or inspired; whether it be for home, at work or in any of the arts and crafts you make. The 10 winners will be chosen at random. If you use Twitter or have your own blog, tweet/link to this post and you can earn additional entries and therefore increase your chances of winning. Good luck! PS: This giveaway is not limited to participants in the UK, everyone is welcome to enter! The competition closes July 31st at 10am British Summer Time (BST). Winners will be contacted by email. This competition is now closed, thanks for all the tips and entries! The winners will be notified soon.