2016 Electrician Printers: Brother vs. Dymo
In case you haven't seen any previous blog posts, the industrial Brother printer models start with "PT-E" and the industrial Dymo models start with "XTL". Here's a comparison of the 2016 models that will be on the market for the next few years. Use the checkboxes below to filter out different models of printers to help you compare fewer models.
Features PT-E100 PT-E300 PT-E550W XTL 300 XTL 500
Screen Small, 1 line Large, backlit, multi-line Large, backlit, multi-line Medium, backlit, full colour, full design Large, backlit, full colour, full design, touch
Tape sizes 3.5 to 12mm 3.5 to 18mm 3.5 to 24mm 6 to 24mm 6 to 54mm
DPI 180 180 180 300 300
Lines of print 2 5 7 11 26
Cutter Manual Manual Automatic with part cut Manual Automatic
Battery 6x AAA Li-Ion Rechargeable Li-Ion Rechargeable Li-Po Rechargeable Li-Po Rechargeable
Mains power adaptor ✘ / ✔
Connectivity USB USB & WiFi USB USB
Memory 720 characters 50 files & 2400 characters 99 files & 18,297 characters 40MB 40MB
Symbols 168 384 384 214 214
Label types 3 7 7 14 17
Case ✘ / ✔ ✘ / ✔
Size (W x H x D)
110 x 207 x 60 mm 132 x 218 x 68 mm 123 x 247 x 84 mm 117 x 264 x 69 mm 162 x 168 x 120 mm
390 g 840 g 1.16 kg 1.13 kg 2.11 kg
✘ / ✔ = only available in the kit.

Brother PT-E100

This model is very entry-level. It's perfect for small labelling jobs such as cable wrap/flag, fuse boards, and anything needing a some serialised numbers. Read the full review and watch the video by clicking here.

Brother PT-E300

With a large selection of barcodes and printing on tapes up to 18mm wide, this printer is certainly a big jump from the PT-E100. Featuring a larger screen, QWERTY keyboard, rechargeable battery and a huge selection of printable label types this printer is a more serious approach the electrical labeling. Click here for the full review and a full video of the Brother PT-E300.

Brother PT-E550W

This is certainly a must-have printer if you're looking at sticking with the Brother series. With a fully automatic cutter that part-cuts your labels, printing your labels has never been easier and tidier. With a large backlit display you can preview each label before you print; saving you time and money. For the full review and my unboxing video of the Brother PT-E550W, click here.

Dymo XTL 300

Dymo's latest models have had a strong introduction with good reason. This model has a full colour display and intuitive interface making the designing of easy and complex labels simple and easy. With advanced consumables and and high resolution print, this printer really is worth every penny. Click here for the full review of the Dymo XTL 300.

Dymo XTL 500

If you're looking to be blown away, look no further. The XTL 500 will knock your socks off with it's high resolution print, automatic cutter, and huge full-colour touchscreen. Making a complex label really couldn't be easier. Printing on consumables up to a whopping 54mm wide, you're certainly not going to be stuck on a job no matter what the application. I recommended you read my full review and the hands-on video of all the features of this epic printer.