As a facility Inspector at Heathrow I am responsible for ensuring that some 3000 street lights are asset labelled. This helps enable our engineering teams to effectively maintain these essential assets. I had been using an Easystep 4000 label machine for this task, however a couple of months ago this machine broke down and as it was over 20 years old I was unable to effect a repair. Through our first tier supplier I was recommended the Labelstation Pro200 to replace the old machine through Labelzone. This was ordered and I received the new machine about a month ago. After some teething problems with installing software (Heathrow administration to blame) I successfully installed the software onto a laptop. I then started attempting to make some street light asset labels for our recently opened Terminal 2 facility. There were some issues with the quality of print and my requirement for vertical printing. Both issues resolved with the excellent help of the Labelstation technical support staff. I have since produced some 200 asset labels which are in place on the street lights.

The quality of the labels is excellent and the software is easy to use if you are familiar with, but not necessarily expert at, MSN Powerpoint and Word. The other benefit relates to the cost of the ribbons and vinyl rolls which is far less than the old Easystep print rolls. The last time I ordered an Easystep roll the cost was about £380, the new ribbon and vinyl roll is a very competitive £80. The machine itself cost £538 (complete with the essential guillotine cutter). So by the time I have printed off 2 rolls of asset labels the machine will have paid for itself. I have already used 1½ rolls of the vinyl product. Concerning the Labelzone sales and support staff they were both polite and patient with me while I was experiencing difficulties with the production of the asset labels.” David Smith Facilities Inspector Infrastructure Engineering

Heathrow Airport Limited