Brother QL-720NW Wired / Wireless Network Label Printer

Brother QL-720NW Wired / Wireless Network Label Printer

Brother P Touch 9700 Label Printer

Brother P Touch 9700 Label Printer

Brother PT-H105 Handheld Label Printer

The new Brother PT-H105 is the latest addition to Brothers range of hand held printers.

  • Delivery: Free (UK Standard)
  • Uses label sizes: 6, 9, 12mm
  • Warranty: 3 Years
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The new Brother PT-H105 is perfect for home and office labelling when you need labels in a range of colours and size up to 12mm high.

The keyboard layout is clear and easy to read and is in the popular ABC layout.

The memory on this printer has been increased to 720 characters. There are also 7 kinds of frames and 9 kinds of font styles to make your labels look great!

Whats in the box:

  • 1 x PT-H105 Label Printer
  • FREE 1 x 12mm Black on White Starter Tape (4 meters)
  • 1 x Users Guide
  • 1 x Warranty
  • 1 x Tape Catalouge


  • 1 font styles: 9 print styles: 9 print size
  • Vertical printing: 7 frames: 2 print lines
  • 720 character x 1 line LCD screen: 300 character memory
  • Manual tape cutter
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Printer: PT-H105
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Does the machine have a DC input ie can a mains adaptor be used? thanks

The Brother PT-H105 can be powered by batteries or by using the AD24ESUK AC Adaptor

Does this unit come with rechargeable batteries?

The Brother P-Touch H105 is not supplied with batteries however it takes 6 AAA's.

Can this labeller print barcodes?

The PT-H105 cannot print barcodes unfortunately the most entry level handheld printer that will is the PT-E300VP.

Is this printer suitable for printing address labels?

The PT-H105 is a tape printer therefore not suitable for printing address labels. You should look at the Brother QL range of printer for doing your address labels.

Can this printer print on heat shrink tubes for cable id

No unfortunately this printer will not print onto Heatshrink tubing you really need to be looking at the PT-E300 or PT-E550

Can I get 6 mm tape and from where

Please click the TZ category for link to the 6mm TZ Tape for the PT-H105 printer

I just want to find out if you do not have this product at 24 mm

The P-touch H105 will only print onto tape up to 12mm. If you are looking for a printer that prints on 24mm TZ Tape you will need to look at the following PT-2730, PT-2430, PT7600.

I want to check if this batteries are rechargable or not

The P-Touch H105 takes 6AAA alkaline batteries