Dymo 11352 International Return Address Labels 25mm x 54mm

Dymo 11352 International Return Address Labels 25mm x 54mm

Dymo 11354 Multi Purpose Labels 57mm x 32mm

DYMO 11354 6 Pack Labelwriter Multipurpose Address Labels 32 x 57mm - 2093094

Dymo 11353 Multi Purpose Labels 24mm x 13mm (2 Up)

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24mm x 13mm Multi purpose labels. 1000 labels per roll

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  • Labels per roll: 1000
  • Adhesive Type: Removable
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Dymo Self-adhesive white multi-purpose labels for use with Labelwriter printers: no ink or print ribbon required.

Whats in the box:

  • 1x roll of 24mm x 13mm Dymo Labelwriter Multi Purpose Labels


  • 24mm x 13mm multi purpose labels: 1000 labels per roll
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Printer: Labelwriter 400, Labelwriter 400 Duo, Labelwriter 400 Turbo, Labelwriter 400 Twin Turbo, Labelwriter 450, Labelwriter 450 Duo, Labelwriter 450 Turbo, Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo
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I am looking for small inventory labels which are fairly permanent. Could you advise if these are suitable and what material are they please?

These labels are made from Direct Thermal Paper and designed for use with the Dymo Labelwriter range of printers. These labels will fade when subjected to direct sunlight.

Should these label work on a slp200?

These labels will only work with the Dymo Labelwriter range of printers.

Is this the label I would use for printing the customers address and postage at the same time?

No not really this is a small label we would recommend a larger label.

Do you have a 8mm DAT tape label which can be printed on a DYMO Labelwriter 450

Unfortunately there is not a specific 8mm DAT label for the Dymo LabelWriters. If you can let us know the size of label you require we can try and suggest an alternative.

Hi will these fit the labelwriter 310?

Yes the 11353 will fit the Dymo Labelwriter range of printers including the 310.

Please confirm the dimension of label from the numerous photos on web - FYI I noticed from photo 2-sections with EUR28 printed on both sections - please confirm if the Total Size of the label is 24mm wide x 26mm high each of the 2 sections at 13mm high??? Please also confirm if the label is foldable horizontally in the middle of label. Thank you

Dymo 11353 labels are 24mm x 13mm set two across the web without a gap therefore the label is not 26mm but 13mm. You can fold the label as the construction is paper however the label is sticky so when folded will stick back to back to itsself

I need a run of sequentially numbered labels from 1 - 999. Is it possible to print 11353 (2 up) labels each with an increasing serial number. So that for example 1 is on the top label of a pair and 2 is on the bottom etc

The Dymo Labelwriter printers and software will enable you to print sequential numbering however positioning would need to be clarified by Dymo and their Technical Helpdesk. They can be contacted on 0207 341 5529.

Are the Dymo 11353 multi purpose labels 24mmx13mm compatible for use with the Dymo D1 LabelManager 160? Thanks

Unfortunately not the Labelmanagers only take D1 tapes and not the labelwriter labels.

Hi there I want to print a single suspension file label. You do a suspension file label 12x50 which is 2 up and so I would throw away half the labels as the label is only going on one side of the file tab. Do you have a label that I can use on a label writer 450 that is single label on a roll around the size of 55x15mm

This is the complete range of labelwriter labels. Dymo do dymo 11355 which is 19mm x 51mm which is the closest to your requirements.

Can I confirm that this label is two separate labels as opposed to something you fold down the middle?

These are two individual labels which are placed together on the backing paper