2357520 - Kroy 240 Industrial Tape - 12mm White on Black

2357520 - Kroy 240 Industrial Tape - 12mm White on Black

Kroy K5100 Portable Cable and Label Printer

Kroy K5100 Portable Cable and Label Printer

Kroy K3300PC Label Printer

From general-purpose labeling to cable marking, the K3300 is the answer.

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The Kroy K3300PC connects to your PC or laptop and comes with it's own easy to use software that allows you to create: edit: and save a variety of labels. Compatible with most software so that printing labels from programs such as Microsoft Word etc is simple. Print a huge range of labels such as heat-shrink tubing: self-laminating wire markers: tamper evident labels and industrial label tapes.

Whats in the box:

  • Kroy K3300 Label Printer
  • Mains Power Supply
  • Mains Power Lead
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Kroy Label Design software
  • Printer interface cable
  • Built in cutter
  • Prints graphics: logos and barcodes
  • 2 line: 16 character LCD display
  • On board memory to store formatting and fonts
  • Windows 98: 2000 and XP compatible
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Printer: K3300
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Can I directly replace my K3000 - PC with this. Or are there additional drivers.

We recommend using the latest version of the KLDS software that would be in the box. Please note if you use the K3000 with a Seward Tester the K3100 will not work with this device. If you need more information please call sales on 0800 975 5040.

Hello I have a seaward europa PAT tester i just wanted to know can i use this printer with that PAT tester?

Unfortunately the K3100PC is not compatibe with the Seward tester. Although Seward supply this printer it is modified by them to run with their PAT tester.

Seaward are trying to sell me one of these printers K3300 to use with our Seward Pat Tester. Are you sure it's not compatible. Thanks

Only the Seward version of the printer works with their testers they modify the firmware. The standard K3300 we sell will definately not work at all. You have to buy the Seward version.