142290 Brady Handimark Tape - B-595 13mm Grey

BradySKU: 142290

13 mm x 15 m Grey self adhesive label tape for the Brady Handimark printer.
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  • Brady Part No:142290
  • Tape Colour: Grey
  • Brady Material Type:B-595
  • Tape Size:13 mm x 15 m

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Grey Indoor / Outdoor Vinyl for Brady Handimark printers. This Brady Handimark labelling tape is made from B-595 Vinyl which has a Permanent Adhesive. Once printed the vinyl label tape can be applied to your chosen surface by removing the backing paper. We recommend applying the label to a clean: dry surface. A special feature of the Brady B-595 material is that can be applied at cold temperatures. Due to its permanent acrylic: pressure sensitive adhesive.

Due to the durable nature of the Brady-595 it is ideally suited for use warehouses for general labelling: it can be used for Pipemarkers: Arrow Tape: Warning labels Safety Signs.

B-595 is RoHS compliant to 2005/618/EC MCV amendment to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.

The average outdoor durability of his productcan be as much as 8-10 years (average expected outdoor life of product will depend on user definition of failure: climatic conditions: mounting techniques and material colour).The 8-10 year outdoor durability applies to the vinyl label stock only; ribbon durability will vary. A polyester over laminate is recommended for harsh environments where there is likey to be long term exposure to wind and rain.

Brady B-595 material Data Thickness (PSTC-133): 0.004 in.(0.10 mm) Minimum Application Temperature: 0F (-18C) Service Temperature: -40F to 180F (-40C to 82C) Adhesive Properties: Adhesion to Steel (PSTC-101)

Whats in the box:

  • 1x 13mm x 15 metre Grey Brady Handimark Tape


  • Tape Suitable for Brady Handimark Printer
  • Durable and suitable for indoor /outdoor use
  • Brady B-595 label material
  • 15 Minute Dwell (Avg.) - 80 oz/in (87.5 N/100mm)
  • Ultimate Dwell (72 Hrs.) 85 oz/in (93 N/100mm)
  • Tack (ASTM D 2979) (Avg) 1100 g (10.5 N)

Adhesion to Powder Coated Metal (PSTC-101)

  • 15 Minute Dwell (Avg.) 60 oz/in (65 N/100mm)
  • Ultimate Dwell (72 Hrs.) 75 oz/in (82 N/100mm)

Adhesion to Polypropylene (PSTC-101)

  • 15 Minute Dwell (Avg) 60oz/in (65 N/100mm)
  • Ultimate Dwell (72 Hrs.) (Avg) 69 oz/in (75 N/100mm)

Adhesion to Textured ABS (PSTC-101)

  • 15 Minute Dwell (Avg) 37 oz/in (40 N/100mm)
  • Ultimate Dwell (72 Hrs.) (Avg) 40 oz/in (44 N/100mm)

Adhesion to Glass (PSTC-101)

  • 15 Minute Dwell (Avg) 82 oz/in (90 N/100mm)
  • Ultimate Dwell (72 Hrs.) (Avg) 88 oz/in (96 N/100mm)

Please Note: Brady B-595 is not recommended for bare concrete or unpainted Wood The above data is given as a guide only. We recommend that customers test this product for suitability to their own specific application.

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