Spill Control

Clean up spills quickly,
Keep your facility safe
with Brady Spill Kits and Absorbents.


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Brady Spill Kits

Clean up spills quickly and keep your facility safe with Brady Spill Kits and Absorbents.

Uncontrolled spills can have a devastating effect on the environment, on people and businesses in the vicinity of the spill, and often a legal requirement.

Brady offer a number of spill control tools to absorb or prevent spills from spreading, including:

  • Spill Mats: Keep aisles and walkways slip and danger free by absorbing and containing oils, liquids or other spills with this range.
  • Absorbent Pillows: Ideal for using under machines to catch drips or leaks or soak up oil and water-based fluids in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Absorbent SOCs: Flexible tubes that contain and absorb liquids, preventing fluid from escaping. Can mould around corners.
  • Berms: The heavy-duty, lightweight and reusable Rigid Lock Quickberm can be used to proactively contain spills from drums and IBCs.
  • Granulars: Particles of granular absorbent that is ideal for use in cracks or crevices, it quickly absorbs any liquid without residue.
  • Pads and Rolls: Ideal for wiping or catching drips or spills.