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Laboratory and Medical Labelling

With increasing demands on laboratories to provide data quickly and accurately, comprehensive labelling is vital. Brady do a range of labels designed specifically to meet the needs of the laboratory environment, from chemical resistant to -196C storage capabilities.

Brady offer a range of portable and benchtop printers together with design software apps for printing professional, reliable and effective laboratory labels.

Brady Printers
Centrifuge, Eppendorf and PCR Tubes - Bradys specialist, extreme temperature resistant labels offers hot water resistant labels as well as labels capable of being stored at -196C.

Centrifuge, Eppendorf and PCR Tubes
Vials, Tubes and Petri Dishes - The Brady range of vial and tube labels have been designed for short and long term sample tracking, avoiding the costs of potential sample loss. They are resistant to many commonly used chemicals.

Vials, Tubes and Petri Dishes
Straw Identification - Brady Straw Labels are designed to withstand long term storage, even in liquid nitrogen.

Straw Identification
Patient Documentation - Brady labels and label printers enable you to create clear identification of patient records with ease.

Patient Documentation