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Quality Assurance


Throughout the 28 year history of the business we have always aimed to provide excellent customer services, quality products and to work in such way which advocates responsible management of the environment and promotes health and safety in the workplace.

In recognition of this, in February 2013 Advanced Labelling Limited (operator of the website) successfully gained certification to three ISO standards.  We are proud that our recent audit by URS has seen us maintain our three ISO accreditations for 2014 - 2015.

Advanced Labelling Limited has achieved the following ISO certifications:

• ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System

• ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System

• OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Following the implementation of a combined Quality Management System in early 2012, the certification process was undertaken by United Registrar of Systems who are an independent UKAS accredited certification body. URS operate in more than 25 countries within the multi-national ROS Group.

By gaining certification to these ISO standards, new and existing customers can be confident that they will receive a quality and responsive service. Also ensuring that within our processes we have a responsible and forward thinking approach to both the environment and the wellbeing of our team.

Quality Manager Mike Abbott said “We have always driven the business forward off the back of excellent customer service, quality products and have always aimed for continuous improvement. Gaining formal certification in these three standards has helped crystalise the Company ethos both internally for the staff and externally for customers and suppliers.”


Advanced Labelling Limited is committed to providing a quality service to all its customers and operates to the ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, OHSAS 18001and Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems. This commitment extends to ensuring that customer, statutory and regulatory requirements are met at all times.

Its environmental commitment aims to minimize the use of materials and to ensure that paper based products used are from a sustainable source. It is further committed to reduce emissions to land, air and water by complying with all known environmental legislation with the main objective of preventing pollution. This will be achieved by reviewing its processes, emissions and use of resources, and by promoting a continual improvement philosophy throughout all of its activities.

The company believes the promotion of Occupation Health and Safety (OH&S) to be a positive investment in the wellbeing of its workforce. The Company takes very seriously its obligations and responsibilities under the OH&S and related legislation. Its objective is to provide employees with a safe working environment and a safe system of work. In achieving this, the Company regularly reviews it working practices to ensure that best practices are adhered to or adopted and that safety hazards are identified and accidents/incidents, so far as reasonable practicable, are avoided. In particular, the Company regular monitors the safety of any equipment or machinery provided for use by employees. All employees who use or supervise the use of such equipment or machinery are properly trained in its use (including any health and safety considerations).

The Company is further committed to set; measure and monitor operating objectives in order to continuously improve its performance. The various processes and activities undertaken are written in the procedures and these are readily available to all employees. The Managing Director by means of the non-conformance control, auditing and management review keeps the procedures themselves under review processes. These processes maintain the suitability of the existing system and provide a means of implementing improvements on a continual basis. These goals are communicated to all its employees.

This policy is itself kept under continuous review.

Dated 01 September 2012


For information about WEEE and battery recycling please click here.