TSC have been making rugged, easy to use, dependable and competitively priced thermal label printers for over 20 years. They offer a wide range of printers from entry level to high performance, and desktop to portable devices. All of their label printers are ISO9001 certified, so you can count on the quality just like millions of existing customers worldwide.

The TSC label printer range are available in a variety of models to support different print widths from 2 inch right up to 8 inches wide, with print speeds of up to 12 inches per second for high volume, industrial output needs.


99-135A001-0002 TSC TTP-384MT Label Printer, 300 dpi, 4 ips
99-135A002-0002 TSC TTP-286MT Label Printer, 200 dpi, 6 ips
MX241P-A001-0002 TSC MX241P Industrial Label Printer, 203 dpi
MH641P-A001-0302 TSC MH641P Industrial Label Printer, 600 dpi
TX610-A001-1202 TSC TX610 Desktop Label Printer, 600 dpi
99-053A034-0202 TSC TX300 Desktop Label Printer, 300 dpi
99-059A002-3002 TSC TC310 Desktop Label Printer 300 dpi
99-059A001-1002 TSC TC210 Desktop Label Printer 203 dpi
99-040A032-0202 TSC TTP-323, 300 dpi, Ethernet
99-040A032-0002 TSC TTP-323, 300 dpi

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