TSC offer a range of different Industrial Printers for all requirements and budgets, from small footprint right up to high precision, high performance industrial print engines.


99-135A001-0002 TSC TTP-384MT Label Printer, 300 dpi, 4 ips
MH361T-A001-0302 TSC MH361T Industrial Label Printer 300 dpi
99-135A002-0002 TSC TTP-286MT Label Printer, 200 dpi, 6 ips
MH261T-A001-0302 TSC MH261T Industrial Label Printer 203 dpi
MX241P-A001-0002 TSC MX241P Industrial Label Printer, 203 dpi
MH641P-A001-0302 TSC MH641P Industrial Label Printer, 600 dpi
MH341P-A001-0302 TSC MH341P Industrial Label Printer, 300 dpi
99-060A047-0302 - TSC MH240 Thermal Transfer Printer 300 dpi

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