First, lets have a little look at the family tree of some Brother printers.

First there was the QL-500, a little direct thermal address label printer. Its printing speed was fast but the guillotine cutter was hand operated; with a little slider that you push from left to right and it sprung back when you let go. The QL-500 was all about sticking to a budget.

The QL-550 & QL-560. These printers were the same as their predecessor but with an electric cutter. You could tell the printer to cut after every label, at the end of a batch, or not at all leaving you to press the button to cut it when you're ready. They had more or less the same printing speed as the QL-500.

ql5702Now there's the QL-570. 570. This printer is like lightning. It'll produce labels quickly at a perfect crisp clear quality. The guillotine cutter has been upgraded from the slow left to right movement to a fast and accurate up and down movement. This means that the wait between each label is less and with its fast printing the overall wait is a lot less too. Brother have also added a built-in label catcher (see the photo to the left) so it'll catch and hold all your labels right after they've been printed. The footprint is less than the previous models (not by much) but is still a little larger than an equivalent Dymo printer.

I'll skip over the software as I've already done an overview previously and it hasn't changed since.

Any label printer saves the need for printing labels from an office laser or inkjet printer which can lead to wasted labels, wasted time loading the paper tray and a further wait for it to warm up. This printer can not only print address labels quickly but can also produce large banners, barcodes and automatic date labels. There's no ink or ribbon required as all the labels are direct thermal and it prints at a speed of up to 68 labels per minute on a range of die cut sizes with a maximum width of 62mm. During installation you can select for additional add-ons to be installed into Microsoft Word and Excel. This is for easy label printing directly from your documents just by highlighting text and pressing the P-Touch icon. The P-Touch software has an array of borders, clipart images and barcodes suitable for almost any requirement.