Brady BMP21 Heat Shrink Tubing

Brady BMP21

If you want to mark cables with identification numbers & text, the Brady BMP21 printer is a great option for printing onto heat shrink tubing. It can print on several sizes of heat shrink tube. The Brady BMP21 also features an LCD display that makes it easy to navigate menus and control settings, as well as an onboard cutter that can be used for cutting heat shrink or labels to length.

Supplied either in a basic blister pack or as a kit, there are several versions of the Brady BMP21 to choose from depending on your requirement. Despite the BMP21 being the entry level Brady printer (and actually supridingly functional for the money) the great thing about this label printer is that is uses the same top end quality label materials that Brady are recognised for.

The heat shrink tubing is no exception. Albeit a limited range, you can be assured that the tubing when printed will perform as well as any of the tubing markers printer on the bigger, more expensive Brady printers.

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