Brand New Brady M211 Makes Portable Label Printing Easy !

The new Brady M211 launches today. This is the first low cost, fully portable, mobile device driven label printer from Brady. Based around the BMP21 this compact 500gram printer is perfect for this user who need to create adhoc labels on the move.

With a comprehensive range of labels the new Brady M211 is ideal for engineers, service teams, MRO departments, electricians and data installers.

The M211 comes in two versions, either just as a boxed M211 (Brady M211 Part Number 170381) which is better suited to workshop use or the kit version which includes the hard carry case (Brady M211 Part Number 170390).

At just over £100 + VAT the M211 is great value for money and is a definate favourite of the LabelZone team.

Want to know more about the Brady M211 printer ? Check out these questions & answers......

Brady M211 Label Printer

Q. How does the M211 Label Printer work?
A. The M211 Label Printer is driven exclusively by the Brady Express Labels Mobile App. This app allows you to design and print labels for a variety of industrial applications.

Q. Is the Express Labels Mobile App compatible with both iOS and Android devices?
A. Yes. It is supported on Android 6.0 or newer and iOS 10 or newer.

Q. Does the M211 Label Printer have Bluetooth connectivity?
A.Yes. The M211 Label Printer can connect with any device that supports Bluetooth 4.2 or newer.

Q. Does the M211 Label Printer have USB connectivity?
A.No. The printer was designed to be driven exclusively by the Express Labels Mobile App using Bluetooth technology. The USB-C port on the printer is solely for charging the unit.

Q.Can I connect to my M211 Label Printer using my device settings?
A. No. Bluetooth pairing and connections are handled exclusively within the Express Labels Mobile App.

Q.Can I reset the Bluetooth connection on my M211 Label Printer?
A.Yes. Bluetooth can be reset by pressing and holding the Power button for 5 seconds.

Q. What is the Bluetooth range for the M211 Label Printer?
A.Up to 19.8 metres.

Q.Is there a printer driver available for the M211 Label Printer?
A.No. The printer is driven exclusively by the Express Labels Mobile App using Bluetooth technology.

Q.Can multiple people connect their devices to a single printer?
A.No. The printer is designed to be driven by a single mobile device.

Q.Can I change the unit of measure from imperial to metric in Express Labels?
A. Yes. You can set the unit of measure to be either imperial (inches) or metric (millimeters).

Q.How many barcode types are supported by the M211 Label Printer?
A.The Brady Express Labels Mobile App supports 22 different barcode types.

Q.What type of labels can I print using the M211 Label Printer?
A.Express Labels Mobile App has 11 label design guides for creating self-laminating wraps, heat-shrink sleeves, cable flags,breaker box labels, patch panel labels, terminal block labels, slide labels, tube labels, vial labels, safety labels and pipe markers.

Q.Are all M21 Series label cartridges compatible with my M211 Label Printer?
A.Yes. All M21 Series labels marked Brady Authentic can be used with your M211 Label Printer.

Q.Can I change the language from English to another in Express Labels?
A.Yes. Choose from over 25 language options.

Q.Can I use Brady Workstation desktop label design software with the M211 Label Printer?
A.Brady Workstation can be used to design labels for the M211 Label Printer, but it cannot be used to print them. To print, the labels
must be shared with a mobile device that has the Express Labels Mobile App.

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