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The Brother P-Touch 1290DT label printer is the second cheapest P-Touch printer that features an easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard. It provides a wide, clear LCD display, a selection of two fonts and will print up to two lines quickly on TZ tapes between 3.5 and 12mm. This printer will also power from the included mains adaptor or 6 AAA batteries. It is one of a very limited selection that includes a stand that is also a desk tidy.

A very big jump in the terms of features is the Brother P-Touch 2030VP label printer. This comes with a hard carry case and a power supply but will also run from 6 AA batteries instead. This fast printer is compatible with TZ tapes between 3.5 and 18mm. This can print up to 5 lines with 4 different fonts. The large LCD display also makes it a clear to use and preview your label. The window on the top means you can see which tape size and colour is loaded without having to fumble around turning it over.

The Brother P-Touch 1230 label printer is the cheapest USB-only label printer from Brothers' range. It is fairly low-end so despite its fast printing and almost infinite supply of fonts (downloadable Truetype fonts are available for your PC) it will only print on TZ tapes between 3.5 and 12mm. It requires 6 AAA batteries to run or the available AD24 power adaptor.

The Brother P-Touch 2430 label printer is the bigger brother (no pun intended) of the 1230. It too has an almost infinite supply of fonts but has the addition of printing 18 different types of barcodes. This fast printer can print up to 7 lines of text and is supplied with its own mains power adaptor but can also run on 6 AAAs instead.

The P-Touch 1230 and 2430 label printer are common purchases for electricians as they are compatible with some PAT testing equipment. This means an item can be tested and the printer will produce a "PASSED" or "FAILED" label with the company name, tester’s initials, test date and re-test date. Please note that some printers have been discontinued and replaced with the following:

Discontinued model Replacement model
P-Touch 1290DT PTD-200
P-Touch 2030 PT-D450
P-Touch 1230 PT-P700
P-Touch 2430 PT-P750W