Brother QL/TD Label Printers Comparison

The following printers all have USB and RS232. They also print very quickly onto DK rolls up to 102mm wide and have built-in automatic cutters.

The Brother QL-1050 Label Printer is the most basic of these printers. With all the above details that are the same across the range. The Brother QL-1060N Label Printer is the same as the 1050 but also has Ethernet connection. The Brother TD-4000 Label Printer doesn't print onto DK rolls but will in fact print on to Brother's RD labels. Its maximum print width is 102mm but labels of any size can be used. Even bespoke sizes that are not immediately available off the shelf! None of these printers have Wifi but the QL-1060N can connect via a wire to a wireless network and other wireless devices can print to it. Please note that some printers have been discontinued and replaced with the following:

Discontinued model Replacement model
TD-4000 No replacement

If you are looking for the next best thing to a TD-4000, please call us to ask about the LabelStation Pro200.