LabelStations Are GO!

Welcome to the wonderful world of labelling.

Here at Advanced Labelling, we are sure to find a solution for your requirements, and the LabelStation range is very likely to fit your labelling needs. Take a look at the various applications below that might be exactly (or at least very close) to your requirements. The LabelStation printers are perfect for the following:

    • Health and safety and Signage
    • Your premises would need to have adequate signage for fire doors, CCTV, hazards, etc. to comply with legislation and ISO. On a wide selection of colours, size and a shapes, the LabelStation is sure to fulfill your requirements.

    • Asset tracking
    • Mark your assets with a LabelStation. The software will allow you to produce serialized labels, print barcodes, and even import from a database*. The labels can even be tamper resistant to ensure they stay put in any location.

    • Barcodes
    • Simple and more complex barcoding can be achieved with the LabelStation and its software. The included software can produce barcodes in more than a dozen barcode standards. Whether you're intending to use a barcode on a PAT label, an asset label, or just to update the barcode on a product, you're sure to find the right symbology.

    • Cable and wire marking
    • When it comes to cable a wire marking, the LabelStation does it all. The printers can print onto heat shrink tubing and self-laminating wire wraps. We can even produce bespoke colours and sizes, as well as tags suitable for zip-locking to a cable.

    • Equipment marking
    • Easily mark your equipment, whether it's for ownership, location, uses, or instructions, you can achieve it with the LabelStation. Ask about suitable materials for your application.

    • Mark down and retail pricing
    • Whether it's standard labels or bespoke-shaped labels, the LabelStation can do them all. Produce labels for your pegs, shelves, products and more.

    • Name badges
    • Producing badge labels is quick and easy with a LabelStation. You may find your template isn't likely to change, we can help set up a label with variable input to enter the visitor's name, visiting company, and any other information that might be required.

    • Packing and product labelling
    • When labelling boxes or packaging, you need to produce labels quickly and easily. The LabelStation and its included software allows you to produce labels exactly to your requirements.

    • Pallet shipping and parcel dispatch
    • A LabelStation printer will print from most courier services, so it's perfect for pallet and parcel dispatch labelling as well as parcel information (e.g. "HEAVY" or "BOX 1 OF 10" etc).

    • PCB and Other Intricate Labelling
    • The LabelStation printers can print on labels as small as 4mm x 4mm. If your labelling requirement needs anything as small as this, then you're in luck!

    • Pipe marking
    • Our continuous vinyl is perfect for pipe labelling, as vinyl is flexible and features a permanent adhesive. Plus it's also suitable for outdoor environments. We can also supply die-cut labels suitable for pipe marking. Both continuous and die-cut labels are available in a selection of colours and sizes.

  • Shelf edge labelling and warehouse labelling
  • Whether you're labelling shelfs for pricing in a shop or labelling locations in a warehouse, the LabelStation can print them all on permanent, peelable and non-adhesive labels.

For a quick overview of most of the examples above, please see the video to the right (click it to enlarge it), or click on an example title to see the whole video and more information. We can supply labels off-the-shelf in a huge selection of size, colours and materials. For more advanced requirements, we can produce bespoke items that are guaranteed to work with a LabelStation label printer. For more information, please call or email us using our contact details here. *Label software requires an upgraded version to perform this feature. Call for pricing and advice.