Some of our Industrial Label Printers have the option for a unique factory-fitted, built-in label roll rewinder. Below are a couple examples of why you would need an internal rewinder on this printer.

Example 1: PAT Labels

Problem You're an electrician who does PAT testing. You currently write on each label by hand at the time of testing. With the growth of your business and more tests to do you're starting to get lazy and messy with the details on each label to keep up with demand. Even writing them at home in the evenings isn't solving a problem. Solution You buy a LabelStation Industrial 300 with a factory-fitted internal rewinder. You design the label on your computer which takes just a few minutes using the bundled software. You can print your company name, phone number, initials, date and even an automatic sequential APP ID number (with optional barcode). It takes just a few minutes to set up and then you just leave it to print. It automatically rewinds the printed labels onto an empty core. When it's done printing you're left with a roll of labels printed with all the required details. It leaves a professional impression that you want your customers to see and leaving contact details for repeat business.
Check this example below printing PAT cable flag labels. Most PAT labels are pre-printed before taking them out to a job. This way the testing can be done quickly and efficiently with no errors when writing on the labels. With these smaller, intricate labels you would need a 300 DPI resolution printhead. Please call our sales team for more information and to place an order on 01202 681311.
Tap or hover mouse over image below to highlight the internal rewinder fitted with a 25 ⇒ 76mm core adaptor

Example 2: Horticultural Tags

Problem You run a garden centre and you frequently sell a lot of a particular plant. You don't keep too many of this plant in stock as you don't have the space but you get the stock replenished as often as you can. This item is priced up using loop locks which you write on using a ballpoint pen. Maintaining stock and assisting customers is taking up time leaving you unable to tag stock before it sells. Solution You buy a LabelStation Printer with the fitted rewinder. Instead of printing the amount you need at the time, you print an entire roll of 1,000 loop locks and use the built-in rewinder. This way you got the printed labels to hand when you need them without having to write, load up the software, template or change any other labels that may be already be in the printer. Not only that they are on a roll so can be stored safely without potentially getting damaged if stored in another manner. All the details are the same and you have enough space to fit company information for repeat business.


The LabelStation Industrial has always been a powerful and versatile label printer. The built-in rewinder is a great addition to this unit that frees up time while getting more done. If you know that you're going to be printing a large quantity of duplicate labels or the same style labels with serialised or database-inputted information, the built-in rewinder will be a valuable addition to the LabelStation Industrial saving you time.